Monday, February 1, 2010


It snowed here in NC over the weekend. My first Blue of the day will be this Beautiful Blue Sky I saw as I was traveling down this snowy country lane .

Next ,I have the Blue in this rainbow wind twister in my Rose Garden which has a Wizard of Oz Theme.

Finally, I have this Blue Snowflake Flag.

We have been enjoying our snow days .Here in my part of NC, we don't have them often.I would always rather have snow than ice . Ice can be a real problem , making roads infinitely more treacherous than snow & bringing now trees & power lines .
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~Myrna Lee


  1. Happy Blue Monday
    Nice to see that in spite of the white snow you have gorgeous blue skies in NC. We've been lucky this year we have barely had snow and thats sooo unusual.

    I love the wind twister. I've seen those indoor by a fireplace they are wonderful outdoors. I love it.

    BEAUTIFUL pictures.
    Have a lovely day..
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  2. Love it! I live in SC and we had snow too!~ In fact my boys are off from school today ???? That is funny to me today because it looks gorgeous out....they are happy....have a happy day!

  3. I too would prefer snow to ice; however, I'd prefer sunshine to both of those! Happy Blue Monday.

  4. The blue sky, evergreen trees, and the snow make a lovely photo. At least your sun is shining. We have had such a drab winter I would be so pleased to see sun. We are expecting more light snow today. Stay safe when you drive.

  5. Happy Blue Monday Myrna.
    Beautiful winter scene!

  6. I enjoyed all your blues for today. I am with you, I do not like cold weather, even if it does make for some beautiful sights.

  7. What a gorgeous view!! One I can only dream of, unless I'm willing to take a drive far enough! Happy Blue Monday, and nice to meet you! ~tina

  8. Oh I'm so glad you only got snow - the folks in northern SC got an ice storm and I agree those are the worst! Thank you for sharing your photos.

  9. Whoa u did get a lot of snow. Love that blue sky.
    Happy Blue Monday!

  10. Beautiful winter pictures. You have proven that the cold can be pretty. Nice job and thanks for sharing!

  11. Snow falling from blue skies, that is some pretty awesome weather you have there! I guess it's the east coast turn this year. We just had the warmest Jan. since back in the 1800's in our area...crazy but true...we were not wearing coats and I live in Washington...spring is trying to spring up...and the winter Olympics are only one hour away!


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