Saturday, January 30, 2010


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My heart is fixed , O God, My heart is fixed ;I will sing ,yea, I will sing praises.Psalm 57:7

"Our problems in life are in general of two kinds. The first kind is circumstantial, arising from the turn of events. This may be met and overcome by prayer. The other kind is more personal , the suffering of being hurt or humiliated by others. For such affronts and misunderstandings ,Prayer does not seem to avail . I, myself have prayed, and I know it is futile to wrestle with such problems and to strive in prayer about them . I want to suggest that you should turn instead to Praise .
You should bow your head and say to the Lord . "Lord,I thank you . I receive this bad treatment as if from your hands and I praise you for it all."By, so doing you will find everything is transcended. What the Lord has permitted to come to you cannot be wrong. Everything that He does is perfect. As you thus praise God your spirit rises victorious over your problems and God himself takes care of your hurt feelings.
------- Watchman Nee

This is one of my favorite Praise Songs, Shout to the Lord, by HillSong

Have a Blessed Week !
~Myrna Lee


  1. Enjoyed these wise words, and love that song.

  2. "You should bow your head and say to the Lord . "Lord,I thank you . I receive this bad treatment as if from your hands and I praise you for it all." ~ These are truly words of wisdom.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I too, love that song. Thanks for the inspirational post and the music.

  4. I love that scripture verse and have written some songs about it, that I need to complete. And I also love Shout to the Lord. Blessings ~

  5. Dear Queen Myrna Lee,
    You have done such a fine job...clap, clap at your Queens in Training. I here by crown you Queen of the Music Garden. ~The girl with the curl~

  6. This is also one of my favorite praise songs. I will keep Watchman Nee's words and meditate on them. Thank you.

  7. Blessings Myrna...Thanks for sharing Nee's wise words and your insights! Let us turn them to praise!
    Like this beautiful Psalm and song "Shout to the Lord!" So here I go, praising, singing, shouting and defeating the enemy in the Name of Him be all the Glory! Thanks for pointing us to Jesus!

  8. My favourite worship song too. When ever it is sung in our Church the singing is so loud and beautiful, everyone loves it.

  9. This is good advice. We may never know why God allows some things in our lives, but it is not for us to question. I remember God's answer to Job when he questioned. We just need to trust, rise above it and praise God. This is a beautiful praise song. I always enjoy singing it at church.

  10. well written post as I agree with what you say and the song in video one of my favorites

  11. This is a wonderful post thank-you. I needed to read this today.I love this song too.
    God Bless,


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