Monday, February 27, 2012

A little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That

Hello Blogging Friends,
Here in NC , we are having a Blue Monday .Today is a cool rainy day .I am ready for Spring to spring .lol
I went shopping recently in Michaels for some paper to make birthday crowns for  upcoming birthdays for two special granddaughters , of course all granddaughters are special . ♥

I was greeted by two happy bunnies in the foyer.

Along the way, down the store isles, my eye was caught by these sweet little jelly bean boots .

I passed by a bin of super sized Easter eggs, They are super sizing everything today. lol

And let's not forget St. Patty's Day , they did have a smaller display for that . 

I went to the Ross store also. Among other items , I bought this pink flower fairy. She reminded me of Spring.

Here is a cute flower fairy I found at Good Will for $.50.

Back home again , here are some origami butterflies I printed from the internet . They are for a craft for my granddaughter's next Home School Book Club.

My Grocery store roses. Trader Joes has the best cut flowers . They sale 9 roses for $3.99 and  they will last for about a week.

My Blythe's new glasses came in the mail last week too.

My granddaughter baked some fairy cakes  . My little fairy bear was thrilled!

Yesterday was  blue also , but for a different reason .This beautiful clear blue sky.

 Thanks for all the prayers for my grandbaby Eliana . Here she is recuperating at home . She still has some pain. Here is a pic of her feeling better and and enjoying one of her toys .

I will leave you this bible verse and some words from Amy Carmichael.

"All of the paths of the Lord are loving and faithful " Psalm 25:10

"All the paths....
I have pondered this verse lately ,and have found that it feeds my spirit. All does not mean "All--expect the paths I am walking now", or "nearly all--expect this especially difficult or painful path."All must mean all. So, your path with it's unexplained sorrow or turmoil,and mine with it's sharp flints and briers -and both our paths,  with their unexplained perplexity, their sheer mystery--they are his paths,on which He will show himself loving and faithful.I am resting my heart on this word, It bears me up on eagle's wings and gives me courage ,song and sweetness."                    Amy Carmichael

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Last Week

Hello Blogger Friends ,
I hope  things are going well for you.  I have some pics from last week.My blog has become mostly a photo Journal of my life . 

This pic is of our Valentine's dessert .The card , I made my hubby is the background . I think it was cool how the heart landed right where the word love was on the card .

Next , still on the Valentine theme , is my toilet  paper roll album  page & tag for February.  I am joining  Sue at It's a Very Cherry World  for her Page-of-the-Month Club.

Valentine's Day Page 

President's Day Tag

My youngest granddaughter Elie is in Duke University Hospital recovering from surgery . I took these pics of the gardens & fountains in the lobby as I passed by.

Coins tossed in the fountain are gathered for the children's charity. 

 On the children's floor , there is much art all around . Actually there is Art everywhere in the Hospital . 

When I got off the elevator I captured these pics, that are  on the windows, and were made by children  .

 This is Elie's sock money she had in bed with her . Please pray for Eliana's speedy recovery .

Last night we got our first snow of the winter .It was just a dusting .

Yes, I still have Christmas Lights on the deck . I keep them up during the winter .

 My granddaughter made this little snowman before the snow had all melted away . By the end of the week it is supposed to be 70 degrees .

 How is the weather where you are ?

I will leave you these words form 2Corinthians 1:20
"For all the promises of God , whatever their number , have their confirmation in Him (Jesus); and for this reason through Him also our "Amen" acknowledges their truth and promotes the glory of God through our faith ."
To that I say Amen !

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day !

Hello Blogging Friends,
Happy Valentine's Day to you  ! Here is a little Valentine's day party  we had for our granddaughters .

Corinthians 13 Love  Subway Art  and Love Blocks



Marshmallows with white chocolate and sprinkles

White Chocolate and sprinkles on the rim of the bottles.

 Left over candy canes make candy heart decorations .

Red Roses

Girls enjoyed icing the cupcakes and they also  made Valentines .

Here is my Blythe doll in her Valentine's Dress I made for her .

Outside there were some clouds,  but  blue skies .


Back inside I found some yellow in my winter themed cloches .

I will leave you with this cute vintage Kitty Valentine ,

And these words from Corinthians Chapter 13: 4-7 

" Love is patient , love is kind . it does not envy. it does not boast , it is not proud . It does not dishonor others , it is not self-seeking , it is not easily angered , it keeps no record of wrongs . Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects , always trusts, always hopes , always perseveres ."

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Love & Blessings, <3

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