Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Mad Tea Party 2012

I was out walking with Alice. While we were walking and talking , she stopped abruptly. "Why There's that rabbit again ." she said. "He's been popping up all day."" What rabbit , where,?" I said.
"Over in that garden" , she said . And that's how my adventure at the Mad tea Party began as I followed  her through the Garden Arbor.

"I think you're seeing things" , I said ."That is just a garden stature." "Well , in a minute you are gonna see a garden stature walk." And she was right to my utter amazement ! The rabbit proceeded to go into the garden cottage. but before he entered , He motioned to us and said" Come, along guests , you know it's late and this tea party is a very important date !"

As we walked into the cottage  I noticed some very pretty flowers by the door .

As we came through the door an alarm clock struck 12. I think we just made it in time .

"Try some of this tea ",said Alice .

and Welcome to The 

 where things are becoming 

I saw a very curious table all laid out for tea, I think .

 Hey, are those the flowers from outside ?;There is definitively something different and eye catching about them now.

The Mad Hatter had made  hats for everyone to wear.

Umm, even the teapot? Things are very strange here.

I wonder if I should drink this ?

Or should I drink this ? 

Well, I hope I'm still me .

 Get some refreshments and come sit down and Celebrate your UnBirthday ! said the rabbit.

When I came to the table ,it was Mad , instead of serving tea in the teacups , everyone was making ice cream sundaes !

 Well, I have to admit , the sundae was unexpected , but I enjoyed eating it  very much!

 I started conversing with some other guests  but they were talking such nonsense I thought I was going Mad!

 Don't be alarmed said Alice , You have nothing to be concerned about . Because 

Thanks so much  for visiting My Mad Tea Party! Thank-you so much Vanessa for Hosting this event! Please visit her party and a list of all the Tea Partys Here .

I am joining :  Mad Tea Party ,Blue Monday
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Love & Prayers,

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Hello Monday !

Hello Blogging Friends!
Thanks  so much for visiting today! 
I watched the movie "Elf"this weekend  for a little Christmas in July. It always makes me laugh!

Pinned from Pinterest.

I have some pics from my weekend . 

My Mimosa tree always attracts lots of Butterflies.

 Garden Angel

I love grocery store bouquets ! I shot these pics when I was in the Target store.

I love cloud Pics ! It was stormy alot this weekend . But the sun came shining through!

 Check out my Dorothy of Oz Tea Party in my previous post !

  This month Krispy Kreme is featuring "Happy Birthday" Donuts .

"  Alice "dropped by to invite everyone to" Come by later this week and  celebrate your "UnBirthday".

I hope to see you then!

I will leave you with this wonderful promise from the Bible :
"God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble."

I am linking to : Blue Monday Magical Monday
,Mellow Yellow Monday,

Love this video!

Love & Prayers,

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