Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dorothy of Oz Tea Party

 Hello Fellow OZ Lovers,
I am late, I am late for a very important date ,oh ,hehe but that refers to another beloved story. But, seriouly I apologize  for my tardiness.I would like to thank Linda at Olde Baggs 'n Stuffed Shirts for Hosting  again this year.Visit all the party fun at her blog here.

Dorothy's World all dull in Black and White

Then she sings a wish to fly over the rainbow

The wish comes true and her world explodes with color over the Rainbow

Madame Alexander Dorothy& Toto,came with the Ruby Slippers Ornament

Later by Candlelight

 Mary Engelbreit teacups fit right in with the decor

Have some tea & a sweet treat

Munchkin inspired candleholders

 She has such a sweet face 

 Cute Toto

More cupcakes

Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting !

Love & Prayers,


  1. This is such a fun post, Myrna. The Wizard of Oz was one of my favorite movies when I was a little girl. This made me smile. I hope you have a nice weekend!

  2. Oh Myrna, I want to come to your party....the doll, the decorations, the table setting. Thank you so much for deciding to be a part of returning sweeties to Celebrate Oz. Speaking of sweeties..those looks nom, nom. xoxo Oma Linda

  3. What a delightfully Oz-some tea party you have going on here! Dorothy and Toto are indeed Oz-picious hosts! Happy "Celebrate Oz 2012" Blog Party!

  4. I love your Oz themed tea party! Looks like it'd be a lot of fun. And I want to step through the lens, to join in!

  5. Hi Myrna, what a fantastic Oz party you invited us to here :) I just love all the shoes everywhere, especially the very sparkly ones of course! It all looks divine and straight out of munchkin land. Thank you for you sharing and Happy Oz Party :)

  6. A great party of Dorothy and ToTo ! Everything looks so pretty, the red roses and the red shoes are just great! Fun,fun,fun !

  7. ooooh the cupcakes look delicious! and those shoes! I have a bracelet on my post today that match it perfectly :)

  8. It is interesting to note what a difference colour makes in the photos.

  9. Amazing photos, Myrna. I just love the cupcakes witht he tiny red shoes. All cupcakes should have tiny red shoes on them, I mean they would if women ruled the world!

  10. Great post for the Oz party! Loved the cupcakes, thank you ;o) Have a great day!

  11. I am so loving that ruby slipper tablecloth and cupcake toppers! And the mini shoes! How adorable! Thanks for a sweet Celebrate Oz post!

  12. What a wonderful party! Beautiful!!!

  13. My, what a happy table setting. Makes me want to start singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and getting out my Wizard of Oz DVD. I love your bright and cheerful colors. Connie :)

  14. Pay no attention to that Old Woman climbing through the computer screen into your Lovely, cozy, Ozzie room! Uh oh, I hope you don't see her trying one of those delicious cupcakes or admiring the Madam Alexander doll and Toto. What a Snoopy old Witch she is- lifting up the pretty table cloth to get a better view and smiling her crooked smile at the fun candle holders! Good grief- now she wants to see the mantle and all the treasures!! She is finally sticking her big green nose into those Gorgeous roses!!! Off she goes before she gets caught!!! But she had SUCH FUN and what a Wonderful Setting!

  15. Your Dorothy is really pretty and I love your tablescape! =)

  16. What a darling set up you shared for this event ~ I can't imagine where you found those fabulous shoes for your cupcakes, they are just too cute! Really enjoyed my visit and the song too!


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