Monday, March 26, 2012

Joy of Spring!

Hello Blogging Friends,
Every where you venture these days there are signs of the Joy of Spring! When we visited the library Friday , they had this Happy Easter Egg Tree as centerpiece for a book display.

This set of World Books attracted my attention , love the way it written across the volumes.

As we drove down the street from the library , we decided to stop & take pics of the beautiful blooming trees along the way.Notice the bees on the blooms?

Then , we went to a mall to shop.

Beautiful Sky along the way .    :  )

Bunnies from Lindt Chocolates.

Easter treats from Lady Govida Chocolates.

Pics on the wall at Andy's 50's Grill.

A giant Easter cookie from  Mrs. Fields cookies.

We stopped by the Sanrio store . I love this Spring Hello Kitty Poster .

 Isn't this the sweetest couple ,Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel .

I love this rainbow assortment of stuffed animals.

We also stopped in Claires I snapped this rainbow of flower hairclips as we entered the store.

 This is a cool advertisement from a vendor in the food court .

Now,I know how the  Easter Bunny spends his free time , working at the Mall.

I had to add this sweet little Spring Cloud window display from J. Crew.

Back home this weekend ,I snapped some spring yard pics.

Also, I  completed my March Page & Tag ( Tag slides inside roll.) for my recycled TP Roll   Months of the Year Scrapbook. I am joining Sue at Sue Loves Cherries for this monthly challenge.

 I will leave you with this words form Amy Carmichael from her book," His Thoughts Said, His Father Said "

Love , Not hate is Eternal

"His thoughts said , the hate in this world is like a horror of great darkness.
His father said , Love not Hate is Eternal.Love not hate ,was set up from everlasting ,from the beginning or ever the earth was . When there were no depths, Love was brought forth;when there were no foundations abounding with water. Before the mountains were settled . before the hills was Love brought forth.When I appointed the foundations of the earth, then Love was by me ,as one brought up with me : and Love was daily my delight, rejoicing always before me , rejoicing in my habitable earth.That which was at the beginning,that alone abideth. the woe and grief and cruelty of man to man --these are of time ,Love is Eternity. Disbelieve this and your heart will break. Believe it and thou canst endure . "
Amy Carmichael

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Love & Prayers,

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Hello Blogger Friends!
Happy Spring ! It has officially arrived ! Yay!
I love to look for  rainbows , here  are a few from St. Paddy's day last week. 

 A rainbow of vintage vases filled with forsythia & butterflies.

Again with Irish  Blessing Rainbow  Art from  A Pop of  Pretty .

A Rainbow Banner a deal from target for $1.00

This year I made a chocolate rainbow cake with a mini rainbow banner on top.

Blythe in her St, Paddy's outfit.

While I was Target I snapped this rainbow on hanging from their ceiling 

Rainbow donuts 

Next some outdoor pics .I have some tulips blooming .

Pic is fuzzy ,but a squirrel that lives in my yard .

Forsythia bush in my yard .

 When have been having some early in the season thunderstorms .

 I thought this was cool , a pic of the cloud reflected in my car window.

I will leave you with these verses from Psalm 27:
"The LORD is the stronghold of my life--of whom shall I be afraid ?
When the wicked advance against me to devour me , it is my enemies and foes who will stumble and fall .
For in the day of trouble ,He will keep me safe in his dwelling ;
He will hide me  in the shelter of his sacred tent and set me high on on a rock."

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Love & Blessings,

Monday, March 12, 2012

Party Fun

Welcome Blogger Friends,
So glad you have come back again to visit! Last week, I shopped one  of my sheds searching for something to decorate my kitchen table. I picked up this green tablecloth and this pink basket of finds. I didn't use the basket, but I think this year I will use it to plant grass in and make a living Easter Basket.

As you can see on my Header , this is what I came up with . I shot this pic early in the day when it was flooded with back-light , so it was a little dark because of the frontal shadows that were cast .I worked on it to lighten it but I favor putting emphasis on the contrast between light & dark in my pics 

I love banners!This one was downloaded free from the internet . But I always forget my source, wish it would be written somewhere on all downloads . Thanks to the generous one who created it .

I love these beautiful vintage  garden girl card images I also got from the internet. Can't wait to start gardening , they make it look so inviting .

 Just about the only thing in my garden blooming now is my bottle tree!

Yesterday , I gave a birthday party for the two March Birthday Girls in the family.

The theme was Disney's Phineas & Ferb  Show .


 Making cotton candy with Dr Doofenshmirtz's Cotton Candyinator

Making silly pics

Party Favors , bought some from Etsy. I love to shop on Etsy!

Having fun putting mustaches on everything 

The two Birthday Girls 

I will leave you this  quote from Amy Carmichael.
"It is the littlest things of life , the minute, unimportant looking things, that are most likely to shatter our peace. Because they are so small, it is most likely that we will fight them ourselves instead of looking up to our Strong God --- our Barrier between us and them , as the pillar of cloud formed a barricade between the Egyptians and Israel (Exodus14:20).

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Love &Blessings,

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