Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Hello Blogger Friends!
Happy Spring ! It has officially arrived ! Yay!
I love to look for  rainbows , here  are a few from St. Paddy's day last week. 

 A rainbow of vintage vases filled with forsythia & butterflies.

Again with Irish  Blessing Rainbow  Art from  A Pop of  Pretty .

A Rainbow Banner a deal from target for $1.00

This year I made a chocolate rainbow cake with a mini rainbow banner on top.

Blythe in her St, Paddy's outfit.

While I was Target I snapped this rainbow on hanging from their ceiling 

Rainbow donuts 

Next some outdoor pics .I have some tulips blooming .

Pic is fuzzy ,but a squirrel that lives in my yard .

Forsythia bush in my yard .

 When have been having some early in the season thunderstorms .

 I thought this was cool , a pic of the cloud reflected in my car window.

I will leave you with these verses from Psalm 27:
"The LORD is the stronghold of my life--of whom shall I be afraid ?
When the wicked advance against me to devour me , it is my enemies and foes who will stumble and fall .
For in the day of trouble ,He will keep me safe in his dwelling ;
He will hide me  in the shelter of his sacred tent and set me high on on a rock."

 I am linking to Ruby Tuesday 2, Our world Tuesday,
 Rednesday ,Outdoor Wednesday 

Love & Blessings,


  1. oh , now , those donuts speak to me--love the sprinkles. That is so cool about the banner for a buck from Target--love it. The cake looks so moist! I loved the way the clouds reflected in the car window --coolness , is what I say! I saw your reflection as well--or a shadow taking a photo! PS. I did write on a few stones and placed them on my desk as reminders.

  2. Your rainbows are all so pretty, Myrna. I especially like the vases with forsythia and the cake is pretty too. That cake looks delicious! :)

  3. What an array of color! So bright, so much fun. Loved visiting your blog and hope to see lots more fun pictures here.

  4. You certainly found a lot of rainbows. I love the tulips with the rain drops, the forsythia, the clouds, and you new header.

  5. Beautiful pics, yummy cake, and Amen to the verses! :)

  6. beautiful pictures :-) yay! for spring!!! lovely colors you have here :-) Visiting from Ruby Tuesday 2, hope that you can return the visit too.


  7. I'm pretty sure I grew up with that same green vase! That is one of my favorite Irish blessings. I love tulips, the smell of forsythia, and sprinkle donuts!

  8. I know I really should be telling you how beautiful and sweet your cake looks.....but you got that banner at Target? For $1???? How did I miss it?

    Happy Spring to you! If you want buzz my - I'm having a giveaway of a few Target things I found that delighted me.

  9. Rainbows and butterflies....definately speaks of Spring. Isn't life grand.
    Joyce M

  10. lovely colours all the way down! and a glorious spring feeling!

  11. Exquisite coloured vases and love the presentation with the flowers! And such a delicious rainbow cake!

  12. Calling by as another Outdoor Wednesday participant, what lovely vignettes of rainbows!

  13. I ove the Irish Blessing. Your cake looks yummy. We have the same banner thingy at our Target-I loved it!
    Your post makes me feel like spring!

  14. Quite a few beautiful rainbows! Blythe in her little green dress is so sweet. The cake not only looks delicious but very pretty too.
    Love every thing about this post, the squirrel, the tulips, the butterflies and of course those rainbow sprinkled doughnuts!

    Happy 2nd day of Spring.


  15. I love all the flower vase.. It is so hard to choose one color:(

    Visiting for RT-2! Hope you can stop by:)



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