Monday, July 29, 2013

Christmas in July

Hello Friends,
 I love to celebrate Christmas in July ! It just gives me time to plan any crafts or projects I may want to do for Christmas . If I wait until Christmas for such things ,I just will never get them done.And it's such fun too. I like to watch  Christmas movies to get in the mood.I rediscovered the old flick "Christmas in July" last year,a very funny comedy from 1940.It is not really a Christmas movie but I enjoyed it, I won't give the plot away if you haven't seen it,

  A early start on the Christmas Crafts , here is a plushie made by my very talented granddaughter Jasmine.

An Angel ornament I made 

Yay, I found this vintage mouse elf at the Good Will for 50 cents.

 Christmas in July Tag

I found these cuties on Ebay

Next series of pics,The Christmas House in South Port ,a coastal NC town.

Sunset in Carolina Beach ,NC

I will leave you with this wonderful Christmas bible verse from Matthew 1:23
" The virgin shall be with child and give birth to a son,and they shall call him Immanuel--Which means God with us."

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Love & Prayers,

Monday, July 22, 2013

Bees, Butterflies, Blooms & More

Hello Friends,
Here in NC , I have noticed an abundance of insects this year. Along with the worrisome kinds , we also get to enjoy the delightful ones like fireflies & butterflies. I have been enjoying watching them in the garden.

Here is a stream of Bee & Butterfly pics.

 White blooms on Jasmine Vine

  Purple Butterfly Bush Blooms

Love these red roses from Trader Joe's, 9 stems for 3.99 and they are beautiful!

Black-Eyed  Susan in my garden .

A Gardening Angel by Jim Shore one of my orange offerings this week.

Glass house Gazebo,built by my home's previous owners.

This is in the vestibule before you enter our library.I thought  is was cool.

The Orange color scheme , which is new at the library.

Drive by pics of a wonderful sunset.

 I will leave you with this wonderful Verse from the Bible:
" For the Lord delights in his people;he crowns the humble with salvation."Psalm 149:4

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Love & Prayers,

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Mad Tea Party 2013

Welcome to the Mad Tea Party! 

Thanks to Vanessa at a Fanciful Twist for hosting.

I must have been dreaming.I remember being on a walk and as I passed a familiar garden I heard the flowers singing . I said to myself " This is very curious ,I must get home and things will be fine."

I made it home and I was just beginning to relax ,when I spied out my back window and there was a Tea Party table all ready for tea. In the distance someone fleeing into the woods ,that strangely resembled The Mad Hatter.

  Things are getting curiouser  and curiouser.

All of a sudden I was very hungry ,the cupcake was nice to look at, but not very edible.

The tea was very strange too, I was afraid to drink.

Maybe I should try some of this instead.

What was that?Did I see the rabbit blink? I think I'm going mad !

"If Alice happens by be sure to give her the key  so she can get out of the garden.",said the rabbit.

"Oh No!", I said out loud,"I am mad!." " Don't worry." said the  rabbit," Only the best people are!"

At that I must have fainted , I found myself waking on the couch . I quickly got up and looked out the back window. Nothing unusual was there. I looked at the sky and said to myself ."Maybe I shouldn't take a walk today,it looks like rain."

I hope you enjoyed my tea party adventure,be sure to visit Vanessa's party where there is a list of all the parties.

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