Monday, September 24, 2012

Old Salem Part 2

Hello Friends,
Happy Fall! Autumn is finally here! I love this time of year!I have part 2 of my trip to Old Salem, NC . 
I will start off with this lovely Fall Vignette in one of the kitchens we visited.

The ladies were frying pumpkin cakes or fritters.

Recipe they used

Old Water Pump

Church spire


Black & White pics   

Window in a Stone Building 

Interesting doorway

 Old stump

Broom making 

Making cloth from flax

More B&W  Pics
Old lock

Fence Gate

Old Barrel


Street Lamp

  There were old shops that sold various  items

Brick retaining wall
  Side steps with ornamental figures

Red Spirea?

Shop window with Christmas tree

Moravian Stars

Owl pillow


Glass Bottles

Man in the Moon clock

Tea Set

Moravians traditionally  hold lighted candles such as this during their Christmas Love Feast. 

Cute Christmas Tray

Tin Moravian Star decoration

You  can learn  about the significance  of the Moravian Star  Here. To learn about Old Salem go Here. To learn about the Moravian Church go Here and the  Love Feast go Here.

I will leave you with this wonderful Bible Verse .
".....Lo, the star which  the Wise Men had seen in the east,went before them , until it came and stood over the place where the young child Jesus was." Matthew 2:9

 A Christmas love Feast at Elon College NC.

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Love & Prayers,

Monday, September 17, 2012

Road Trip to Old Salem , NC Part 1

Hello Friends,
I hope you are enjoying this new Monday! I have Part 1  pics of my road trip to Old Salem, NC.First I have these pics of the beautiful sky as I start my journey.

Painting (located in the Visitor's Center) depicting life as it was in Old Salem.

Lollipop Tree in Visitor's Center

  To get to the village we crossed the road via this old/new covered Bridge.

Beautiful Inside & Out

 Some of the homes in the village were private residences.

Garden by the Education Center.

 Old Gun Shoppe

Clock Maker/Tin Smith's Home



Inside Kitchen

Outside Kitchen

Ladies Workroom

Quilt on frame

cotton & seeds

Old China

Ceramic Wood Stove

 Hand Washing Station

 Rose in CourtYard

 Vine growing on fence 

Garden Shoppe

Thanks for stopping by! I will have Part 2 of my visit next week .

I love gardening and Gardens , I think it is because God's first choice for our home was in a Garden .I will leave you with this wonderful verse form the Bible .

"The Lord God took them and put them  in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it." Genesis  2:15

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Love & Prayers ,


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