Monday, March 5, 2012

March Birthdays

Hello Blogger Friends , 
Spring is on it's way ! Snow was predicted for last night here in NC,but it didn't happen . I am ready for Spring ,Winter has had it's chance. lol I was listening to His radio yesterday and the announcer said " Winter got lost here this year and never made it , it must have wound  up in a ditch some where." We have had a mild winter this year.  But mild winters can equal dangerous weather in the south , such as the terrible tornadoes that occurred in some other states over the weekend .

March 1st was Eliana my preemie granddaughter's  1st birthday .
We went to her home for a lunch time celebration .

I brought these Princess cupcakes for desert 

Her Mom had her this cute little cake.

This is the Birthday Crown I made for her .

After lunch , we went on a walk around the neighborhood and enjoyed the early Spring Blooms . Elie enjoyed the outing.

On Saturday March 3rd , it was  Jasmine ,her big Sis's birthday.

I made her this Phineas & Ferb Birthday Crown .

She and her Mom made this rainbow cake  for her birthday.

We went with them on a family Birthday outing to the movies to see  the "Secret World of Arrietty "I enjoyed it very much , it was Japanese Anime and was drawn beautifully .

Bubblegum machine in lobby , no mustache , just loved the rainbow colors.

Afterward we went to the Cracker Barrel for Jasmine's Birthday dinner . Here are some of the cool Spring & Easter items that caught my eye in their store .

Aren't these big eyes critters so cute !

Happy sunflower seeds .

I will close with a bible  verse  & a quote.

" How great is his goodness and how great is his beauty!"
 Zechariah 9:17

" But the Lord of Beauty is more beautiful still, for he has created the flowers ."  Book of Wisdom 13:3

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  1. HI--I have been out of touch with my computer down--my hubby broke down and gave me a backup! My regular one is still in the shop.

    Nice to see your little granddaughter is continuing to do well. It was also good to see the lovely pic of your big granddaughter.

    I don't know about the movie with the yellow mustache---nor do I know the one that you went to see!

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post. And I'm going to check out the Dr. Suess page now. :)

  3. Myrna, You are the queen of festive celebrations. It must be a thrill to be your child or grandchild. By the way, I'm impressed by the cute cake your daughter made for Princess Eliana too. she for sure has had a good teacher.
    Your spring has definitely arrived. I'll have to wait until June till we have such an abundance of flowers.Enjoy, enjoy.

  4. You had a bunch of birthdays. What fun! I love that the newest one is already being read to; she'll be a smart girl.

    Happy Blue Monday, Myrna.

  5. Happy birthday to your beautiful granddaughters! Loved seeing all the pretty spring blooms. :)

  6. Oh how fun to celebrate with your granddaughters. My oldest granddaughter turns 16 this month and we are going to get to take her with us to Europe for a vacation after a business trip! Have a blessed week. Debbie

  7. Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing looks like you all had fun.

    Crab Apple

  8. Fun birthday celebrations! I LOVE Phineas and Ferb almost as much as the kids....okay, maybe a little more! ;)

  9. Your blossom walk around the neighborhood would have thrilled my soul (and my eyes) had I been there with you!

    Mariachis with Red Accents

  10. Aww, such special captures of joy and moments to remember.

    Happy Birthday...sweet angel Eliana. That is my middle name.

    Happy Birthday Jasmine.

  11. I like your post, nice flower pictures and the picture of those big eye critters was cute. =)

  12. So much amazing creativity features in your post! It bursts with colour! Wonderful!

  13. what a sweet baby & lots of great birthdays ! we have a lot of birthdays back to back, one coming up this weekend lol! my twin grandaughters turn 4 Helen

  14. Beautiful photos. Happy birthday to your granddaughter:)

    Visiting for RT 2- hope you can stop by:)

  15. Such a wonderful post, cute pictures - I really like your capture of these rose flowers... There's nothing like the first flowers of the spring...

  16. Beautiful blues:)

    Visiting for Blue Monday-hope you can stop by:)

  17. Hi Myrna! Great post. love all the pics and you are so lucky to have such adorable girls!

  18. Two birthdays to celebrate. What fun and what cute little girls. Glad the baby is doing well and growing like a weed as we sometimes say.

  19. Beautiful photos. Your girls are adorable.

    My RT2

  20. Gorgeous photos as always Myrna.

    Happy Birthday to your granddaughters!

    We loved "Arietty" too. We try to catch all of his movies since his animation is still all hand done. Weren't the backgrounds lovely? And that's so much fun with all the moustaches for the Lorax! Did you enjoy the movie?

    Happy Rednesday!

  21. I haven't seen "Arietty" but The Borrowers has been one of my all-time favorite books since I was a little girl. Consequently, it became one of my daughter's favorite books as well and we're hoping our grandson will now get to enjoy it. And, of course, we love Dr. Seuss!

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday!


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