Monday, February 6, 2012

First of the Month Pics

Hi Friends,
For my First of the Month pics I have chosen :

My front yard

And My Kitchen Table 

Places I at look every day 

 The idea of the First of the Month is to record the same subject, place or thing at the first of the month to record the changes from month to month . Our Host is Jan at Murrieta 365.

Love & Prayers,


  1. What beautiful, cheery things to look at everyday!

  2. Great beauty in everyday life. Great photos.

  3. A happy dose of happiness. Good medicine for the wee hours of the morning.
    Happy upcoming valentines day!

  4. Beautiful and very cheery! Lovely pictures.

  5. lovely photos for a really interesting meme topic; look forward to each month ..the changes. Your front-yard will be partly due to the elements/seasons, but the interior will be all yours

  6. Hi, Myrna,
    Thanks for stopping by to see me. I absolutely love the picture of the snowman on your table. And the view of your front yard is very pretty and woodsy looking.


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