Saturday, February 6, 2010


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Set your Hope fully on the Grace to be given you when Jesus Christ is revealed . 1 Peter 1:13

"Are you sure that your problems baffle the One who since the world began has been bringing flowers from thorns ? Your thorns are a different story, are they?You have been brought to a place place of self-despair, nothingness. It is hard to think of any good reason for going on. You live in most unfavorable conditions, with intractable people, you are up against impossible odds. Is this something new?The people of Israel were up against impossible odds when they found themselves between the chariots of Egypt and the Red sea .Their God is our God. The God of Israel and the God of the gorse thorns looks down on us with with love and says , " Nothing that has happened to you which is not common to all. I can manage it. Trust me ."
He wants to transform every form of human suffering into something glorious. He can redeem it . He can bring life out of death..... When our souls lie barren in a winter which seems hopeless and endless . God has not abandoned us . His work goes on . He asks our acceptance of the painful process and our trust that He will indeed give Resurrection Life."
Excerpt from A Path Through Suffering by Elizabeth Elliot

" What if every stroke of pain, an hour of weariness or loneliness , or any other trial of flesh or spirit , could carry us a pulsebeat nearer some other life, some life for which the ministry of prayer is needed ;would it not be worthwhile to suffer ?
Ten thousand times yes ! For the further we are drawn into the fellowship of cavalry with our dear Lord, the tenderer we are toward others , the closer alongside does our spirit lie with them that are in bonds; as being ourselves also in the body. God never wastes his children's pain . "
Amy Carmichael

Have a Blessed Week !
Myrna Lee

My choice for today's TSMS is Hope Now , by Addison Road. I chose it because it has me ministering to me in the past week ,whenever I hear it on the radio. For more uplifting songs & to visit our wonderful Host click Here.


  1. Beautiful song, Myrna! I have never heard this one before, and am glad I have now! It's a good one to remember! ~tina

  2. Blessings Myrna...I did not know Addison Road until I heard this song and HOPE NOW quickly became a favorite last year! It's so beautiful and has such an inspiring message. And it really does come down to LOVE ~ His LOVE & aMazing Grace! Since we're not our own, why do we keep trying to do it all on our own. All glory belongs to the glory of His hope in us. Thankful that His love sets us free and we have HOPE NOW and our faith increases each time we trust Him.
    Thanks for sharing this one & have a wonderful TSMSS & SS...may He continue to carry us!

  3. I love the photos on your blog, very nice job. Thanks for visiting me over on Retired in Alaska. Nan

  4. Just stopping by before I head to the doll show. Love to you. Goodness, the Rabbits still need to be fed in the nursery. I bet you could supply some good music and fill them with Gods love...right into nap time.

  5. Beautiful...Both Elizabeth Elliot and Amy Carmichael are amazing women ministering to sisters everywhere through their inspired writings... Thanks for the post and music!

  6. Great quotes. So true. I have never heard anything by Addison Road, but this is good.

  7. A great WFW ~ That is a great song. Blessings ~

  8. Such a lovely post, enjoyed the song.

  9. I wasn't familiar with Addison Raod but did so enjoy the song. Thanks for sharing. Have a blessed week.

  10. Thanks for this interesting thought provoking post. And the song is beautiful.
    Blessings for a wonderful week.

  11. pain...suffering....I never knew when I was going through some awful things that one day He would redeem it all for His glory and a higher purpose. It taught me to trust in the hard places. Blessings. Sarah


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