Monday, October 29, 2012

A Little Bit Of This And A Whole Lot Of That

Hello Friends,
I hope everyone is well today. Prayers to all  who may  be affected by Hurricane Sandy today. We had a cold front meet her as she passed by our coast, as a result it is very cool and wet today here in NC.

We had a Wedding Anniversary earlier this month, This is the cake I baked to celebrate.

 Anniversary Roses .I love yellow roses!

These crystal mushrooms are inspired by a Pinterest pic I saw.

I found the instructions for this pumpkin made from a book on Pinterest also.

Next ,are some pics of  Fall color taken at nearby Kerr Lake.

 Sunset Pics

An old  church we passed on the way to the Lake.

Over the weekend we carved some pumpkins. Owl carving.

Also Hello Kitty and Maple Leaf carvings.

 Happy Fall Y'all!

I will leave you with this wonderful Bible verse :

"Give  Thanks to the Lord for he is good, His love endures forever!"
Psalm 118:1

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Love & Prayers,


  1. Beautiful fall photos. I love the colors and the view over the lake.

  2. Gorgeous colours in your photos! I am fascinated with the pumpkin you crafted from paper! It's stunning!

  3. Wow, what a wonderful idea to carve in a pumpkin!

    Visiting from Mellow Yellow Monday.
    Pile of Leaves is my entry.
    Have a safe week ahead!

  4. Love all your pictures. Especially the sunsets. Blessings. Debbie

  5. Beautiful your paper pumpkin.
    Over from R.T.2

  6. It is raining a lot here right now and we are far from Hurricane Sandy. I just love all your Fall photos and outdoor scenes with beautiful colours. Happy Anniversary too. The cake looks fab!

  7. Beautiful fall photos and Happy Anniversary! Yellow roses are my fav ;)

  8. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the beautiful autumn leaves in your photos and the rest of your orange works, including the pumpkins. Love the one with the cutout of the maple leaf. Your blog is a real blessing. Thanks for the prayers for people in the storm's path. In the wee hours of tomorrow morning we will be getting the worst winds here near Richmond. We are not near the water, but our house is nestled amidst a woods of big trees.

  9. Such a vivid fall and fabulous sunsets. I like your artistic accomplishments, too. (That includes the yummy cake.) Happy Anniversary.

  10. What a wonderful collection of photos. I love yellow roses too, and the gorgeous fall and sunset views.

    Congratulations on yur Anniversary!
    Love and Blessings.

  11. Magnificent autumn photos and lots of creativity ~ Wonderful post ~ You have a 'great eye' , very creative ~ ( A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  12. Hi Myrna, glad you're not affected by Sandy much! Those photos are really fulfilling your lovely title, i smiled on that! And those sunsets am sure are wonderful food for the artists and every one's soul, enchanting and awesome. I haven't taken that kind of sunsets yet, though we have lots of beautiful ones too. Thanks for the visit.

  13. The sunset pictures are magnificent. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! Your cake looks so tempting and the flowers are beautiful.

  14. Beautiful!
    I especially like the sunsets.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Lea's Menagerie

  15. What gorgeous autumn shots with amazing skies.

    That cake looks scrumptious. Happy Anniversary!

  16. I always love your pictures and your blog posts! Your sunset pictures are especially wonderful :)

  17. Beautiful pics! The cake looks delicious.

    My Ruby.

  18. Gorgeous fall images, the colors and trees are beautiful.. Love the sunset and lake scenery and your cute pumpkins. Congrats and happy Anniversary! Have a happy day!

  19. Love your pictures -- great pics of fall!

  20. So much yummy fall goodness on your post.
    Laurie @ Pride in Photos

  21. I just made my first pinterest recipe. A chocolate/pumpkin bunt cake. It was delicious! I'm sure it will end up on my blog eventually. Thanks for the comment over at Monday Artday. Lovely Fall photos.

  22. You have really been busy! Love the autumn leaves and pumpkins.

  23. Thanks for sharing. Happy Anniversary to you both!

    I'm sorry to take so long to comment, but my computer acted up.

    Happy Blue Monday, Myrna.

  24. Such a lovely variety of orange pics! Love the pumpkins - the bright blue looks great against the one at the bottom. Thank you for taking part in Mandarin Orange Monday:)

  25. Happy Anniversary! The cake looks delicious. What great pumpkin carvings--love them!

  26. Beautiful fiery colors of the leaves, and the paper pumpkin is so ingenious! Happy Fall, Myrna!

  27. Such a fantastic fall post! I really love your bright and vibrate colors. What a lovely anniversary cake. You are one talented lady! Come visit soon. I have a double giveaway going on!

    Those pumpkins are beautifully carved!

    Happy Fall to you! May many blessings come to you!


  28. Love your pictures. and I love that maple leaf jack-o-lantern.

  29. These are great photos, Myrna. I love yellow roses too. Those are so pretty! You got some great fall shots too.

  30. Oh, Myrna, such beautiful photographs! I even pinned one of the sunsets!

  31. Happy Fall right back at ya! Love how you made owl and leaf pumpkins. Book made into a pumpkin what an idea!
    Joyce M

  32. Gorgeous fall photos...some of those trees are breathtaking! Love the pumpkin with the leaf cut-out. Also, lovely yellow roses. They were my Mom's favorite, so always remind me of her. Happy November 1st!

  33. Happy Anniversary to you. Love the book pumpkin and the carved ones too. Hope you enjoyed that pretty cake. It looks yummy!

  34. Incredible fall color and sunset shots! And I just adore your carved pumpkins! Happy Late Anniversary! neat fall-inspired cake, and also the paper pumpkin....cute idea!

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    The quilt will be posted on November 22, 2012…only first names are published.

  36. Meant to say how beautiful your photos are... but YOU are invited to join the gratitude quilt, absolutely!

  37. beautiful beautiful...the colors of fall are here.
    and what a yummy cake!!
    happy weekend.

  38. Bear With Me....visiting from Orange Friday...You certainly had a plethora of orange in your photos♫♪

  39. I totally fell in love with all your puctures. Food for body and soul.

  40. Pretty fall pictures the cake looks very yummy. I don't know what a coaslas is I will have to look that up. I am glad you only had the cold front during the storm. Have a blessed week! hugs

  41. Wonderful pictures! The fall colors are so beautiful! I wish we had pretty red and golds here where I live. Your cake looked so good!!! Ilove yellow roses too. I'm late commenting this week. I keep getting a little box that comes up and tells me SNAP I've crashed. Don't know what that's about. I'm working on it.



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