Monday, November 5, 2012

Fall Party Fun

Hello Friends,
Today I have some scenes from a Fall Party.Last week was really very cool & gray here in NC, It went from 80 to about 40 degrees in one week. It has warmed up , but it now looks more like winter than fall in my yard.

Another pic of the Crystal Toad Stools(inspired by a pin from Pinterest)

Owl Garland,made from utensil holders I purchased at Cracker Barrel.

Fall Leaf Garland

Cool Fiber Optic light

Party Goodies

We didn't eat this!  lol 

Treat Bags

A different take on apple bobbing, using chop sticks.

Donut Bobbing , this was not easy, but lots of fun.

Hotdogs,& marshmallows were roasted on the fire .

 Beautiful Fall sky

 Forget- Me-Nots ,seeds were a gift from blogger friend Jackie at Once Upon a Fairyland.

The best part was spending time with my family,I thank God for my wonderful family!

This month I am focusing on Gratitude & Thanksgiving so I will leave you with this wonderful verse from the Bible!

"Devote yourselves to prayer,being watchful and thankful." 
1 Timothy 2:1

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  Love & Prayers,


  1. Your fall festivities looked like super fun. Now I would definately try the doughnut bobbing.I'm not too crazy about bobbing for apples. Have a great week.

  2. Myrna, your fall goodies are wonderful and make beautiful subjects for MOM.

  3. Myrna, what a fun time with your family. Looks like a great party with lots of goodies and treats. I enjoyed your post and photos. Have a lovely week!

  4. Thanks for sharing. I'd like to try that doughnut munching.

    Happy Blue Monday, Myrna.

  5. Looks like fall is lots of fun at your house!

  6. Cute owl and leaf garlands, Myrna. Your party looks like it was a lot of fun with lots of good things to eat. Nice that you got to spend time with family too. :)

  7. Myrna, Your lovely decorations put me to shame. I hope my Grands never see your site and know what they're missing! Your home looks so welcoming.

  8. I love all those photos
    Very fun way to celebrate fall.

  9. Fun, fun, fun! The owls are adorable. I'm feeling like donut bobbing right now....

  10. lovely post. I was intrigued by that blue flower

  11. Myrna ~ your parties are fantastic ~ wished I lived near you and would be invited ~ Fantastic photography and Fall decor ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  12. Looks like a lot of fun and I am really hungry for a cupcake now :)

  13. Oh I love most those corn colors! What do you do with them. I know they have lots of it in Mexico, i want to taste them broiled or boiled.

  14. I think the Forget Me-Not is so beautiful. Perfect for Blue Monday. Doughnut bobbing must have been fun. You always have such nice pictures to share.


  15. I love your pictures and your activities and the timely bible verse. Need it now. Thanks God for his words.
    I do share my thougts and what i hear from God's words in every area of my life in my other blog:
    Have a nice week!

  16. I think those Forget-me-nots are perfect today! I am planting them for Shannon, a little girl who lost her life to brain cancer. Her parents sent seed packets in their thank you cards and they were forget-me-nots! I will never forget Shannon.
    Good to see you and know you are entered in my double giveaway!
    Have a terrific week and your photos are so charming! It looks as though you a had way too much fun!
    Good to be here!

  17. Such wonderful photos of beautiful decorations and foods! Love those crystal toadstools!

  18. What wonderful autumn colours and Halloween fun!

  19. Good morning to you, good morning to you. I have not forgotten you.
    Smiling at those fancy little forget-me-nots. You must be very careful with those flower seeds I found out in a beautiful way. They remind me of fairy flowers. They multiply like crazy! When I was living at Once Upon a Fairyland a friend gave me three packets and I literally tossed them on the side of the I wish I had taken pictures...they over took the whole side of the bank...pure delight.

    Life is good but there are test and trials along the way. My kids just lost their last grandparent last weekend. Over 90 but age never matters, it's still loss. However, she knew the Lord and we are content in knowing her life was well lived and much love was received from her. My new son in law faces his first heart surgery Nov 15 and then in December open heart surgery. It's a pretty serious case, he is going to the Univ. of Wash. hospital. I'll let you know when. Prayers needed. Love and happy November! Much to be thankful for. MUCH, MUCH, MUCH! Love your photo shoot.

  20. Your owl decors are so pretty.

    My RUBY
    Your comment is always appreciated!

  21. I love that cute owl garland, Myrna. You have such cute ideas. Also love the apple bobbing with chop sticks. Your posts are always so colorful and happy. Have a wonderful week!

  22. A great display of orange for your Fall party! I like the composition of the one you shared on MoM - interesting angle. Also like the pic of the coloured corn. Thank you so much for being part of Mandarin Orange Monday:)

  23. Splendid as always!

    A late visit from Blue Monday.
    I hope that you can still drop by and comment on my BLUE post.
    Thanks and have a great evening.

  24. I love the little owls and the cupcakes look delicious! You put such love into your decor, it is wonderful to see.

  25. Mmm, I see some things I like a lot!

  26. That appeared to have been a fun party! Lots of goodies and exciting things to see and do...

  27. Love seeing all the fall photos and I also love your autumn blog banner photo. Looks like a fun party!

  28. Love the toadstool idea, and the doughnuts look like fun, too!

  29. Such a lovely collections of photos, I like ALL of it as much as I love Fall :)


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