Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall Table Vignette & More

Hello Friends,
I hope all is well with you as you start this new week.I am starting out with my First of the Month Pics which are of my  kitchen table decor & then outside to the front yard.The idea is to photograph the same thing at the first of each month.

Close-up of vintage tablecloth 

Tea is a gift from my daughter

Fall Subway Art

Outdoor Fall Decor

Zinnia Garden

The bees and butterflies are still busy pollinating .We have not had our first frost of the Fall,it usually comes in late October.

I love Zinnias

September's TP Album Page & Tag .My theme for September was "Back To School".Tag fits inside pouch made by flattening the TP roll.

I love Dick and Jane, these were the books from which I learned to read.I wonder if anyone has ever did a "Where are they now ? "on all the characters of those

I love to photograph old buildings / houses.I don't know the history of this one,I pass by it quite often.

Cloudy ,but still beautiful NC sky. Taken on the way to
 movie theatre.

We went to the unique RaleighWood Cinema Grill.It Has an old style Marquee,love that.

Mural on wall in Lobby.

It has counters & tables ,you dine & watch the movie. It hasn't any advertisements on screen,just cartoons & coming attractions before the movie. I love that too.

Colorful Ad on Lobby Wall

I won this wonderful give-away from "Two Crazy Crafters". The stamps are from an original line created by Lindsey. Thanks you so much Lindsey , I am going to enjoy this so much !

I will leave you with this wonderful verse from the Bible:
"Do not be anxious about anything.but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be known to God.And the peace of God ,which surpasses all understanding ,will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:6

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Subway Art by Today's Fabulous Finds-Tomorrow's Treasures

Love & Prayers.


  1. I would like to have some of those corns. You have beautiful and colorful things in and outside of your house. The colors make us glad on a Mellow Yellow Monday. :)

  2. What a neat movie theater! I especially like the padded pictures on the walls. Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Myrna.

  3. I like how the bits of blue in the background accentuate the yellow of the chrysanthemums!

    Blue Desert Sky

  4. Love your fall vignette. Now I am very hungry for some candy corn ;) I love old buildings too. Especially old homes.

  5. Oh, I used to participate faithfully in the First of the Month meme. So much fun to see how things change over the year. Your fall decorations are so welcoming and those zinnias! Can't beat them for big bold colors.

  6. What a beautiful array of fall pictures. Love the blog header and the zinnias. My grandmother used to have the most fantastic zinnias a million years ago. Think of how we have hybrids and wild colors now that she never had.

  7. Wonderful post. Food for body soul and spirit. Thanks for visiting.

  8. Love your decoration. I might copy some of them ^_^


  9. Wow! you are so creative with your decor ~ your family must be delighted and fantastic photos ~ love the inner theatre ones ~ and sky is ominous ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  10. Looks like your ready for fall! Great shots.

  11. Pumpkins and corn are so decorative and American and wear the color of the autumn. What I really envy you is the beautiful Zinnia garden. I haven't seen anything like it.
    It's gorgeous.
    about going back to school, that's not every child's dream of a good time.
    I say, "the only thing worse than going back to school is not being able to go back to school." Looking back we see everything in a different light. That you also for the wonderful promise from the Bible. Soulfood.

  12. I like your fall theme. I feel like buying me some candy corn! It looks so yummy. When I was in school we read about Sam and Ann! I wonder who else did? Congratulations on wining the drawing!

  13. I love the decorations for your table, Myrna. Such pretty colors and very cheery looking! :)

  14. You are all set for the season, inside and out.

  15. I love you Decor and I am so over the top in love with that movie theater!!! I certainly wish we had one like that around here! I'd actually go to the movies more often.

  16. Delightful photos as always!
    Visiting from Ruby Tuesday .
    My RT Post
    Your comment is always appreciated!

  17. beautiful series! i love the rich colors of autumn. your zinnias are lovely!

  18. Beautiful captures. Have a fabulous week.

    Liz @ MLC
    Liz @ YACB

  19. Gorgeous images and you still have so much color in your yard! How very pretty! Yum I'm lovin that tea! Great post!


  20. Thank you for your contribution to Ruby Tuesday 2. You are one of the many special people who make this meme a success. Hope to see you again next week!

    Magical Mystical Teacher

    Ruby Desert Blossoms

  21. Hi, I love your pictures, and I love your TP album, it's really cute! =) Raleighwood is fun. =) And, I love how you set up your table! =)

  22. Interesting series of images. The first one would go beautifully with my kitchen:) Thanks for contributing to Mandarin Orange Monday:)

  23. I love that you decorate so lavishly for the season! I also love your zinnia garden, your flowers are so beautiful and so are the visitors. Once again your skyscapes sweep me off of my feet!

  24. A wonderful series of shots!

  25. What a clever idea! Love your pictures!

  26. What a wonderful collection of images. And those colours are amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  27. with these nice colours, autumn is a joy. the only thing I don't like is when it rains and I have to leave the house, because if I stay home, oh, that's so romantic :))

  28. I love all the fall decorating...and I have a passion for photographing old buildings also. Not much of tea drinker but I am actually enjoying a cup of pumpkin flavored coffee this morning. Yum.

  29. oh, great decorations, i love how everybody is getting ready for Halloween, I have never really celebrate it, so I guess it would seem a bit fake to start decorating my home.. but I will attend a party though, no dress up, maybe just a wig :)

  30. Very pretty fall tablescape! Really enjoyed all your fall pics!

  31. Be anxious for of my favorite verses. I live by that one daily. What a fun post to scroll through! Happy Rednesday from your Rednesday neighbor!

  32. Wow, Myrna! Such pretty pictures! I'd love a dine-in movie, that must be fun!

  33. Your pictures are always to pretty! I love seeing your table every month. Your Zinnias are so colorful. I want to plant some too!


  34. I love Zinnias too! Your table looks great and the cloth is splendid. Thanks for sharing on Hodgepodge.

  35. Nice series of photos. Have a great weekend♫♪

  36. What festive autumn colors. I'm in the mood for pumpkin and playing in the leaves. Thanks for sharing!

  37. Beautiful shots. Happy sky watching.


  38. I'm a bit late visiting, but I must say I love all those fall decorations, both inside and out!


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