Sunday, October 18, 2009

Spiritual Sunday-Watchman Nee

Today for Spiritual Sunday ,I have an excerpt from my favorite Book, "A Normal Christian Life "
by Watchman Nee.I pray it will be a Blessing to you. To visit our Host& to be blessed by others ,
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~Myrna Lee

Fragrance, an excerpt from" The Normal Christian Life ", By Watchman Nee

And the house was filled with the odour of the ointment John 12:3

By the breaking of that flask and the anointing of Jesus , the house was pervaded with the sweetest fragrance. Everyone could smell it and none could be unaware of it. What is the significance of this ?
Whenever you meet someone who has suffered -someone who has gone through experiences with the Lord that have brought limitations and who,instead of trying to break free in order to be"used"has been willing to be imprisoned by Him and has thus learned to find satisfaction with the Lord and nowhere else-then immediately you become aware of something. Immediately your spiritual sense can detect a sweet odour of Christ. Something has been crushed , something has been broken in that life , so you smell the odour. That odour that filled that house that day in Bethany still fills the church today; Mary's fragrance never passes. It needed one stroke to break the flask for her Lord, but her action- that unreserved giving and the fragrance of her anointing ---abides.
We are speaking here of what we are , not of what we do or what we preach.Perhaps you have been asking the Lord for a long time that he will be pleased to use you in such a way as to impart impressions of Himself to others .That prayer is not exactly for the gift of teaching or preaching . It is rather that you might be able , in your touch with others , to impart God, the presence of God, the sense of God. Let me tell you Dear Friends, you cannot produce such impressions of God without the breaking of everything , even your most precious possessions, at the feet of the Lord Jesus.
But if once that point is reached you may or may not seem to be much used in an outward way, but God will begin to use you to create a hunger in others . People will sense Christ in you. The most unlikely people will detect that. They will sense here is one who has gone with the Lord, one who has suffered , one who has not moved freely, independently,but has known what it is to subject everything to Him. That kind of life creates hunger and hunger provokes men to go seeking until they are brought to divine revelation into the fullness of life in Christ.


  1. Thank you, Myrna for reminding us to give of ourselves. I hope that you have a happy Sunday.

  2. This was really good and full of some profound truths. Thanks for sharing it, it really blessed me. Have a wonderful Sunday. Blessings to you, Debbie

  3. I love Watchman Nee but was not familiar with this writing. Wonderful. His "Authority" is one of the best books ever.

  4. Myrna, I must thank you today. Gods perfect timing sometimes brings us to our feet. I was reading your post from yesterday and listened to Revelation song over and over and sang my heart out to our King. Jesus is Lord and this beautiful song reminds us of heaven to come. Praise to the King of Kings, he is my everything.

  5. I have this book but it has been years since I read it. I don't remember this. It is very good. Thanks for posting.

  6. This is a beautiful writing with much for us to ponder.

  7. This is my heart's desire, such a powerful post.thank you for sharing.

  8. The writings of Watchman Nee are my favorite second only to the Bible. As you know, we have been reading his works for over twenty years. They are always inspiring. My favorite is "The Normal Christian Life".

  9. Wow. What is the title of the book?

  10. Wonderful insight. I see Clif said he has this book. He has so many books I don't know what most of them are. I need to read this one. Thanks for sharing these thoughts with us today.

  11. What you've shared today is absolutely necessary for the church to realize and start to live out. When we are filled with the sweet fragrance of the Holy Spirit, that will flow from us as a cup overflows with whatever is poured inside...that's the way it is with us, and people can sense that you have been with shows in so many ways. But it does take total abandon of all else, just as Jesus asked the rich man to bring evrything he had, sell it and give it to the poor. He was unwilling, and we are also so often unwilling to give up what we think we own, when if we would only lay it at His feet, He would give us abundant life. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderfl piece of Watchman's work.

    God bless you!

  12. This is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing it. I have to read this book. I like Watchman Nee but I have not read this one.


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