Monday, October 26, 2009

Blue Monday

It's time for Blue Monday At Smiling Sally's 8~) To visit Sally & the the other Blue participants click HERE & enjoy!

Today I have some Fall decor , First , this little paper fairy made by my granddaughter Jasmine ,she has blue tipped wings & is riding on a crystal bead bug made a few years ago by me.

I love this blue butterfly

Here is a "Blue Danube " cup& saucer a gift from my sister Wanda. Inside a unique cat fairy created by 11-yr, old Jasmine also.

I hope you enjoyed these" Blue" contributions to Blue Monday . Thanks for stopping by , Come by often.;~)

~Myrna Lee


  1. Ive never heard of blue monday! Love your blue stuff!

  2. I love that angel! Can't believe your granddaughter actually made it. Lucky you!

  3. Your blue cup and saucer are gorgeous. I hope you are having a wonderful Blue Monday.

  4. I love the cup & saucer. Thanks for sharing, and Happy Blue Monday!

  5. Myrna,
    Happy Blue Monday! It looks like you and your sweet granddaughter have fun working on projects together. I noticed you have the Enchanted Makeovers tag on your sidebar. Two weekends ago my husband and I volunteered at a local girl's shelter for Enchanted Makeovers. We spent the day painting first the beds then the hallway. It is amazing how a cheery soft yellow paint lifts one's spirits. They do great work.

  6. How cute. Love that angel cat. Cute.

  7. Beautiful decor. Love the butterfly.
    Thank you for coming by.

    Have a great week.
    "My Post Here"

  8. Love your blues especially the angel...Christine

  9. i love, love, love your cat fairy!!! :D


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