Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Spa Give Away from Lisa @ Molto di Moda Designs

Yippeee!!!! I have received my All Natural Homemade Gourmet Home Spa Give Away from Lisa Dudasd at Molto di Moda Designs. To visit Lisa's Fabulous Blog click HERE

Everything is so beautifully packaged , I know I will love & enjoy it all!

Also included is a Biblically based full Beauty Routine written by Lisa, she is a very talented lady.

Here is a breakdown of Spa contents :

1 set of hand crocheted face scrubs with holder

1 full size crocheted face cloth

1 Bath Tea -rosemary

1 Bath Tea -echinacea

1 Youthful facial wash/scrub

1 Cracked Heel Elixir

1 Olive Oil -Almond Soap/rosemary - lemon scented

2 Lip Glosses- lemon-honey

2 Lip Glosses-peppermint-honey

1 Room & Linen Spray -peppermint cheer

Thanks so much Lisa for this Special , Splendid Spa Give Away !!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for stopping by , I love your visits! Please visit Lisa at her wonderful blog HERE

~Myrna Lee


  1. Thank you, Myrna! You are too sweet! I'm glad you will enjoy the pampering!

  2. Congrats! Those items look superb and will turn your bath into a spa!!! :o)

  3. congrats on receiving that spa set! Sounds like tons of fun and relaxation is headed your way!


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