Monday, January 9, 2012

Scenes from the Weekend

I have some random scenes from my  weekend .
I will start  off with two great GW finds. The first is this pretty hand painted plate dated 1964.

Next is  this vintage blue planter that I just planted some paperwhites in , I'm not sure of the maker .

This is a Christmas present from my sister ,The candles are battery operated  with a timer, but they look real . I love them!

Here is  my granddaughter's  mini Blythe doll  riding on a  train in my Living room.

I shot these moon pics Saturday nite.

I shot these pics in my yard , on Sunday.This is my next door neighbor's flag .

Old wood pile .

 Some Holly Berries .

Some of my cats , Tuna Belle & Mitzy. Mitzy is Over 20 yrs. old.

                  Rolf  rolling in leaves.

        I caught Rolf just right to get this Pic.

It was cloudy outside,but by the time I went in the sun was shining.

This is a Christmas pic of my sweetie # 1 granddaughter .

We had a pleasant weekend at home . I hope you enjoyed yours also. I will leave you with this wonderful promise from  God's word.
"The Lord  will keep  in perfect peace those  who lean on Him ."
Isaiah 26:3

Love & Blessings,


  1. Hi Myrna, The moon was lovely, wasn't it? The pics of your cats are so sweet. What great companions they are!
    Your granddaughter is very pretty. Wishing you a very good Monday.

  2. The train ride must have been so fun for little Blythe and Rolf rolling the leaves looks like pure fun too!

    A cat named Tuna Belle? Oh, that is the cutest name for a cat. I just love it!

    But best of all is the scripture you quoted, in God's perfect timing for many I am sure. One of my New Years resolutions was this very scripture and to lean on him in everything I do.

    Have a beautiful week Myrna. It's really something to think I may never see you on this earth and look into your eyes face to face but in our eternal home, we can be neighbors!

  3. Great pictures Myrna. Love the one of the moon shining through the trees. Your granddaughter is very pretty.
    Have a great week.

  4. Oops! You forgot to link in to Blue Monday.

  5. Thanks for sharing these blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Myrna.

  6. Hi Myrna, thanks for stopping by and your sweet comments on my Fairytale Cottage. It was so much fun to make. I love your pictures, especially the kitties, your Granddaughter is very pretty and the train is so cute. Have a wonderful New Year.

  7. lovely shots! oh, I love those candles...:)

  8. A very beautiful, interesting series of photos!

  9. Beautiful pics. I love the plate, moon and kitties. In other words, love them all.

  10. Your home is as always enchanted.
    Even the toys have a flair of magic over them.
    The magic moon pictures are just up your and my alley, aren't they?
    Best of all, the prophet of my heart, Isaiah with comfort and promises.
    "The Lord will keep in perfect peace those who lean on Him ."
    Isaiah 26:3
    I need somebody to lean on; our common God. No less.

  11. Such a great variety of shots! I took some shots of the moon last night!

  12. Your weekend was filled with wonderful sights! Great sights.

  13. Hello Myrna, great pictures. The cats are so pretty...

  14. I really enjoyed your photos. Thanks. Happy Ruby Tuesday.

  15. Love the pic of the moon and trees and the one with the sun and trees---really cool!

  16. It was a pleasure to see a portion of your life thru your photography.

  17. Lovely train - we have one like this, it goes around the Christmas tree.

  18. PS. I have not heard of candles operated with a timer!

  19. Cute red..Lovely Cats:)

    Visiting for RT 2 ! Here's my share- hope you can visit:)


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