Monday, January 30, 2012

Hello Monday

Hi Everyone ,
I am thankful for another Monday and  to  visit with you  today . Last  Friday  ,I took my oldest granddaughter to her monthly Home School  Book Club .  Below are two pics I made of the beautiful afternoon while we were driving down the highway and no I was not driving . lol

We made red rose rings from pipe cleaners as a craft . They were featured on the Martha Stewart Show.You can find the directions  on her site .

We stopped at Dairy Queen for Ice Cream .

I snapped this pic from the window, I liked the red umbrella against the green & red holly buses.

We stopped by the Good Will , I found this  cute vintage 60's Dream Pet . I think it is a Goat .

I found this cool Cup Cake Book .

Then I came across this very cute cup cake plate .

I always look for art at the Good Will. I found this original acrylic painting by Artist Sally Huss.

Trader Joes's had bunches of Daffodil's for 1.69 , two  bunches will fill an average vase.

Last week , I had my mind on snowmen . So, I made these snow people from beverage bottles , rice ,buttons &  socks .

I put a pic of a snowman my granddaughters made in this winter  Frame .

I will leave with you with  these words  from Romans 12:12 - Be Joyful in Hope , patient in affliction ,faithful in prayer .

I am joining  Blue Monday, Mellow Yellow Monday,
 RubyTuesday 2, Our world TuesdayRednesday
Outdoor Wednesday 

Love & Prayers,


  1. Thanks for sharing your blues. I like your kinda lunch!

    Happy Blue Monday, Myrna.

  2. Oh Myrna, so much to love...beautiful blue skies, cute ring and I really loved your snow people.

  3. I love your post =) The plate you found is really cute with the cupcake on it =) You took some really good pictures!

  4. Great pictures.
    Great finds at Goodwill. That cupcake book looks very tempting.
    Great crafts.
    Great snowman.
    I'm so wanting Dairy Queen about now!
    Sounds like a great weekend all around!

  5. Gorgeous!

    My Blue, please drop by and see. Have a great week!

  6. Beautiful yellow flower. Yummy, ice cream:)

    Visiting for MYM! Hope you can stop by:)

  7. what a lovely included all the memes in such a beautiful and thoughtful way..and such universal themes also...very nice post with a lot of thought.

  8. The red rose ring looks delicious:)

    Visiting for RT 2! Hope you can stop by:)

  9. Myrna, great pictures of the blue sky and the clouds. You found some great things at GW.
    Hope you are having a good week.

  10. Looks like you found some nice things. Your little snow people are cute. ~ Sarah

  11. Your blog speaks of a very joyful life. Your grandchild is so lucky to have such a happy person to share her life with. Prayer works.
    Joyce M

  12. ...I hope Sally gets to see her art featured here; travelling all around the world now. Bet she never considered that when she was painting it....

  13. Sounds like such a fun day, and great find, too.

  14. A wonderful collection of colourful, interesting pieces! The red rose rings are very creative!

  15. That painting is funny! Love that cupcake plate, and I hope you brought home that Dream Pet. He's adorable!
    Happy REDnesday,

  16. What beautiful photos of the sky. Can't believe it is so blue. Like the art you picked up at the thrift store. I like to find old oils and hang them too.

  17. beautiful pictures especially that pretty yellow flowers :-) Visiting from MYM, hope that you can return the visit too.

  18. beautiful pictures, great shots, love it :-) Visiting from Blue Monday, hope that you can return the visit too.

  19. Those are great pictures. The sky is so nice, clear and BLUE!!!!

  20. What an enchanting journey. I still is mute with admiration over how you manage to seize the day in so many ways. Your granddaughter must be thrilled as well. I found your snow people so amazing. Never seen anything like them before.
    The hope frame is also a winner. I'm hoping for spring just now!

  21. I love your pictures of the beautiful blue skies! Your snow people are really cute and what a clever idea!
    Love those yellow flowers from Trader Joes. A trip to Dairy Queen is always extra fun.:o)
    Thank you for visiting my bears come again soon. I only post on Friday's there.

    Have a happy day

  22. Hi Myrna, first thanks for your final WORDS---I've been helpin my Mom and Dad..they're a little outasorts.....and that smacked me right up side the head...all day I've been saying please help me, give me strength....LOL...he answered me didn't he. Anyhoo, love your finds. That Goat was a 60's cartoon character I think, but for the life of me I can't remember which was a sidekick like Booboo for Yogi.

  23. OOOPS...forgot to remind you to stop by and sign up for my giveaway
    It's be fun to use with the kids.


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