Tuesday, June 1, 2010


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Today I have some pics from the Rain Forest Cafe in Orlando, Fla. It has a fantasy Rain Forest atmosphere . I love the rain storm that occurs every 30 minutes . The food is overpriced , but I guess that is part of paying for the experience .

This is a pic of the outside of the restaurant. Here is the red sign & giant red mushrooms.

Beware of crocs as you enter . Looks like a lot of folks are making a wish on a crocodile, I wonder how that works out .

Also, watch out for the many wild animals & snakes in the trees .I think I see a red exit sign in this pic . Let's hope you don't need to make a quick exit if a Gorilla gets after you .lol

The butterflies grow large in this forest . I see some red on the Parrot in the tree.

Here is Tracy, the talking tree. She is located in the store portion of the restaurant. In the background you can see the Red Kids Cave Sign . This is a shopping area for kids .

Thanks for stopping by .I hope my reds from the visit to the Rain Forest Cafe gave you a smile today !

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  1. Hi Myrna, The Rain Forest Cafe is beautiful! I have been there before, but not for a long time. Thanks for bringing back memories!

  2. I remember this restaurant from when we lived in Dallas, TX. It's a fun experience for the kids too. Thanks for sharing ;)

  3. Looks like a very interesting place to eat! Great pictures ~

  4. what a fun place to be, it looks great

  5. Kids, young and old, must love that place! Looks like fun!

  6. Love that place and the grandkids do too! Great photographs!


  7. Wow it would be fun to eat there! It is nice to eat with rain! My hubby and I had a wonderful moment on our honeymoon when we sat in a glassed roofed restaurant in VT. in a thunderstorm!

  8. Mryna,
    Love the mushrooms outside. I've never been to Rain Forest Cafe, and it looks like I need to. It looks like alot of fun!

  9. Oh boy Myrna. That looks like fun!

  10. What fun photos. We love Rainforest Cafe too. I have to admit, my favorite thing there are the T-Shirts. They are comfy, cotton, and really cute! Happy Rednesday. :)

  11. A rain storm every 30 minutes? I hope you took your umbrella, lol! My guess is that people throw money to the croc so he won't eat them!

  12. Never been there, but it looks like a magical place.... ;-)

  13. I think I may have been in Rain Forrest Cafe in Atlantic City in one of the casinos a few years back!!

    So cool!!


  14. Ah yes, the Rain Forrest Cafe. :) All of my children, even my 21 year old love it! I really like the mushrooms outside of the one you ate it. Cool!
    Yes, I too wonder how making a wish with a croc turns out!!
    The Tattered Tassel

  15. Yum! We love Rain forest Cafe...thanks for sharing...Mica/The Child's Paper


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