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Sharing the reds in this Party Post with Rednesday hosted by Sue @ It's a Very Cherry World.

Welcome to The Mad Tea Party Hosted by Vanessa @ A Fanciful Twist .

My Tea Party is a Family affair . Here I am with my three granddaughters , Trinity is Alice,Jasmine is the Cheshire Cat.Shauna and myself as two different interpretations of the Queen of Hearts .

Here are some decorations for the party.

Alice aka Trin pretending to drink from the drink- me bottle.

I assembled these little drink- me bottles as party favors .

A miniature Alice.

Tea Table Decor

Queen of Hearts Dessert Table .

I decorated a tent in the style of Disney's animated AIW ,on the deck off the family room, for a Tea Party . The Girls loved it .

The Dormouse Centerpiece .

Later , They strolled out past the roses & flamingos to play a game of Croquet . It was a wonderful day of Family Fun !

I would like to Thank you for joining me today , I am so glad y'all stopped by. A Big Thank You to Vanessa for Hosting such a fun Blog Party each year . You can visit her Party Celebration & a list of the other Mad Parties HERE.

Hugs & Blessings,
~Myrna Lee


  1. What fun! It looks like both you and the little ones had a lovely time. I hope you and the family will drop by my little party and have some tea.

  2. What a wonderful party! I loved your Queeen of Heart dessert table :)

  3. Thank you for a delightful time. All of the eye candy makes me feel a bit tipsy. You are a magical grandmother, indeed! I bet those sweet granddaughters of yours will never forget this party.

    Follow your heart and join me as we go to the Forest of Wishes. I have party gifts waiting for everyone!

    {{soul hugs}}
    Kathryn, Collage Diva

  4. A delightful party! I especially love your tea table decor.

  5. Oh my! My daughter would have had a FIT! What fun! You're a wonderful grandmother. I'm sure your granddaughters will always remember that party.

  6. Lovely party! Your dormouse centerpiece is the best!
    Thanks so much for having us - please drop by for a visit when you can!

  7. Oh how fun! The girls looked like they had a great time. I enjoyed my visit.
    Have a great day, gail

  8. ~*~*~*Hip hip hurray it's Tea Party Day!*~*~*~

    What a beautiful tea table! Mind if I spend some extra time at the dessert table? ;) lol

    Thanks for having me at your tea party! if you haven't been already, you're cordially invited to my mad tea party! Have yourself a mad sort of day! :)

  9. What a fabulous party! I just love your tea cups, and those treats look delicious! The little "drink me" bottles are too cute. Looks like fun was had by all. Feel free to stop by my party... I have lots of goodies on the table. :)

  10. love the rose tree you made :D

    so fun to play croquet :D

  11. Myrna!!! You just knocked yourself out on this, and look how happy the girls are! SO cute! And that doormouse centerpiece is adorable. You did a great job on this. I so enjoyed your party as I know everyone there did, judging from the smile son those faces!

    Happy Tea Party...


    Sheila :-)

  12. Thanks for the invite, everything looks yummy! I love your party favours.

  13. What a curious party! Sam and I had a delightful time!

  14. Myrna, you take the cake for being the best Fairy Grandmother ever. I bet you grand-daughters had an enchanting time. Loved all the different tablescapes. And what is a mad tea party without crochet?

    Loved visiting with you again.


  15. That tent decor was perfect! LOVED the dormouse in the teapot-and the queen of hearts table inside wasnt bad either!

    Your cast of characters was a lovely group (queen of hearts as interpreted by you included)
    ~and you even remembered the flamingos!
    I hope you & yours have a very merry unbirthday!

  16. Awe, a family tea party is The Best kind to have. Hey! I have those very roses! I WANT your flamingos. You best pen them up for the night...
    **blows kisses** Deb

  17. Hi Myrna! I really enjoyed myself at your tea party today. I love how you get the whole family involved. It was so much fun. Thank you for inviting us! Have a great weekend! Twyla and Lindsey

  18. What a lovely and special party for the kids! ....and I loved your Queen of Hearts Table....such a perfect way to use any leftover Valentine's Day items :)

    The table with the paper lanterns looked so pretty, as well!

    Thank you for having me :OP

  19. I love your dormouse centrepiece! Looks like you all had a wonderful time :)

  20. Thank you for inviting me over. Looks like a fun family day! Come visit me at my tea party too....

  21. Oh what fun! Thank you for inviting me to tea! If you have not made your way already, I do hope that you shall come and visit with me, as you join the White Queen and Mad Hatter for some cake ~ and tea
    ...Theresa (aka The White Queen)

  22. Such a lovely party, and I love all of your guests. Everything looks wondeful and delicious. So nice to meet you.

    Happy Mad Tea Party,


  23. I adore the tea mouse center piece. Thanks for having me over to such a great party! Hope you can stop by mine.

  24. What lovely family memories you've created at such a fun Mad Tea Party! I especially enjoyed seeing you and your grand children having such fun together with such lovely tea sets. The desserts looked positively delicious. And such a lovely rose tree! Thank you for a very fun visit!

  25. Thanks ever so much for sharing your Mad Tea Party with me. I LOVED the Queen of Hearts Dessert Table! and I adored the little dormouse. Had a lovely time...though I may have eaten a few too many of those delicious chocolate iced cupcakes. Anyway, if you get the chance, please come and visit me for some more Mad Tea, in the Secret Enchanted Forest at:

  26. Such a sweet sweet party. I love all the decorations, and the banner was great.Thank you so much for letting me drop in and Please tell Shauna, Trinity, and Jasmine, to join you and all please head to share in a cup of tea, and some fun with all my young Hatters. It is a positively mad time... see you there.
    Have a Wonderfully Mad and Curious Day...Wendy from Wonderland

  27. You have sucha wonderful family! How nice to have played for us the delightful story.
    Absolutely love the Queen of hearts table.

    Big hugs to you.

  28. Bravo...clap, fun!!! Next year I want to do this special for your girls too. Good job mama!

  29. Myrna, how special that you had those sweet granddaughters there with you to enjoy this darling party. Looks like everyone is having fun. Love the idea of your party favor and the dormouse centerpieces is precious.
    I had a terrific time at your Mad Tea Party! ~ Sarah
    Hope you'll have time to stop by for a cup of tea with me.

  30. Such a lovely tea party...thank you for sharing tea with me!

  31. Loveliness! I'm afraid I stayed a bit too long at the Queen of Hearts dessert table! Everything was just too delicious...thank you for having me x

  32. Looks like you had a wonderful time! I really enjoyed those cupcakes! Thank you for all the treats! I hope you will have a moment to stop at our tea party for a treat or two.
    Hope to see you there!

  33. Oh my goodness, what a lovely tea party. I had so much fun being there. Your tea, cupcakes and goodies were wonderful. I would like you to visit mine.

  34. What a lovely tea party! Loved the Queen of Heart's dessert table and those yummy cupcakes! Thanks for having me!

  35. Thank you for inviting me to tea! Your decorations were lovely!

  36. What a fun party, thanks so much for having us!

  37. Oh..your tea party is wonderful! Lucky you to have three beautiful grandchildren to play along. The dormouse is cute but your girls are even cuter! If you get a chance, they might enjoy stopping by to have tea with my Teddy Bear family...

    Thank you so much for having me over...


  38. What fun! Lovely decorations!
    Please visit my own little party, and try your hand at winning my giveaway!

  39. Oh, quel tea time chez Alice !
    La relève est assurée et c'est adorable tout plein ! Merci de nous faire entrer dans votre délice et délire Lewissien... ;-)
    Kisses from France !

  40. Hi Myrna! Thanks so much for your sweet comment and for joining me on my blog. You can now consider me a new follower as well!


  41. Hi Myrna,
    Just popping in ! I really love that you had 3 different tables , and diff interpretations of the queen of hearts... Looks like you guys had a lot of fun !

    If you so wish, please stop by my Tea Party as well... The Hatter and I have cooked up lots of treats for you all!

    La Boheme Magique

  42. What a lovely party, it looks like everone had a great time! Loved the "Drink Me" party favors :) ~Lauren

  43. I loved your party ... such lovely participants... and the goodies were yummy... thank you for having me... do come visit...


  44. Myrna,
    I want to come to your party! You did such a great job. I love the different tablesettings-and your nick nacks. Love the Queen of Hearts table. It looks like you and your family had a wonderful time-I could tell by the big smiles on everyone-including you. Thanks for sharing this-I loved it!

  45. Oh my gosh--I am speechless! Your party was astounding!!!!
    P.S. I've gotta go back and look at it.

    I have a new blog--if you'd like to come visit, I'm
    at Whimsical Musings.

  46. Hi Myrna,
    Wow! What a fantastic party!! I am sure your family thoroughly enjoyed themselves, I know that I would much fun and whimsy. :)
    Hope your doing well and enjoying your summer.
    The Tattered Tassel

  47. I bet your granddaughters had a blast starring in your magical tea party! It seems like you put alot of time and work into it, and it looks like it was a success. All of the sweets look yummy!
    Happy REDnesday and Happy 4th!

  48. What a fabulous party! I love it and the croquet looks so fun. Everything looks so festive - from decor to food to the guests. Thank you so much for sharing this fun party.

  49. Hi Myrna, Oh how adorable!! and what fun!! I just love all the great decorations!! I love the cupcakes with the toppers that say eat me!! and the little drink me bottles are the bomb!! Well actually it all is!! Your a rockin Grandma!!! XO Fran.

  50. Looks like great fun was had by all. Love the little Dormouse centerpiece and the stacked teacups. Great job!

  51. Everything looks so wonderful! I sense that all little hearts were satisfied!

  52. So many parties I am working my way through the list when I have time to browse :-) You are invited to tea and to join my giveaway,every days is an unbirthday, there is still time :-)

  53. Thanks everybody for the nice comments!

  54. You thought of everything!! What a fun and wonderful tea party...this is something that they will remember for the entire lives. Such whimsy and happiness.
    ♥, Susan


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