Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Wizard of Oz Gala

Welcome to my celebration as part of The Wizard of Oz Gala,hosted by Two Crazy Crafters. Be sure to check out their site and all the participants listed there. Thanks so much Twyla & Lindsey for hosting.

As a child , I remember watching The Wizard of Oz every year on TV. There was no video players or dvds, just TVand the movies. During the early 1960's , I only remember three programs that came on in color : The Wonderful World of Disney,Bonanza,and of course , The Wizard of Oz. Everything else was black-in -white.I, and my sisters looked forward to it every year. As a child , I felt like I was Dorothy ,experiencing all the her adventures and then coming safely back home. My favorite part was when she sang"Over the Rainbow".Now when I hear that song, I always remember my deceased father , who used to play that song beautifully on the mandolin.

I had to don a Dorothy inspired blouse ,and of course my ruby slippers. I am holding a WOZ movie picture book(it was a recent publication ) that I found at a second-hand book store.

There are three parts to my celebration, first up is a table scape that I plan on using for my annual Sister's Luncheon.

This is a movie poster I found at amazon.

This is yellow brick road inspired.

These are WOZ inspired Cherished Teddies.

Here is a WOZ music box , it plays "Over The Rainbow". Inside is a Ruby Slippers pin.

The napkin holder is sequins and a book clip .

The second part is My Wizard of Oz Garden

" Dorothy" is represented by her Ruby Slippers,

A scarecrow for "the scarecrow",

"The Tin Man" by a folk art tin man I purchased on Ebay,
"Over the Rainbow " by this rainbow wind twister,also represents "The twister",

"The Lion" by this lion fountain.

There are pink & red knock-out roses and some pink antique roses.Only some red are blooming right now.

This clear glass globe is for "Glenda , The Good Witch."

Rolf decided he wanted to celebrate also, I was glad he came. 8-)

The third and final part of the celebration are some Scrapbook Pages from my 49th Birthday Party in 2005.

click on images to view larger.

Thanks so much for visting my celebration, I hope you enjoyed it Please visit , the other celebrations here and Have a Blessed Day!



  1. Oh, your Wizard of Oz party is amazing. I love your tablescape, it looks like a fairytale, and your garden OMG it is wonderful. What a beautiful theme for a garden. I love your scrapbook pages, I can tell you adore the Wizard of Oz. If you stop by my party, you can take home some Dorothy artwork to add to your collection.


  2. Love your Wizard of Oz celebration, Your Tablescape, The Enchanting Garden, and your pages were truly delightful.
    Hope you have a wonderful and magical weekend.


  3. Beautiful presentation. Appreciate your rememberings of Oz.

  4. Happy Oz day! Eeek! Love your tablescape! Those teddies are sooo adorable! ♥

  5. love your WOZ tablescape and garden :D

  6. Wow! So many wonderful pics you've downloaded! I love the teddies, tablescape & garden but above all the Tin Man - he's stunning!!

    Congrats on a superb post!! Off now to visit the other sites!!

    xxLOL LOLA:)

  7. Happy Wizard of Oz gala!
    Loved the Oz Dollies.
    Magical hugs.

  8. Oh how lovely - your party looks so much fun! Me and my 3 girls took part too - I'm so glad we did - it was great knowing others were joining in across the pond too!

    Take care


  9. Love all your postings for the wizard of oz gala HOW ORIGINAL!

  10. Hi Myrnya!
    Thanks for popping by.
    What a wonderful job you have done. I love your table setting with your tiny Cherished Teddies! Your garden is great ... we almost have identical lions head water features too!
    Happy Wiz of Oz Gala!
    Sandi water features

  11. Happy WOz Day! What a great way to set your table. I love your decorations especially the napkin rings!

  12. Wow you are a true WOZ fan! I love the table scape, the details are so cute. Your garden is amazing! When I saw that lion on the wall I thought that was so clever!

  13. What a great table layout... I'm inspired to have an Oz dinner party now!!
    I love how you've brought Oz to your garden and the scrapbook layouts - fantastic!

    Victoria xx

  14. Oh what fun to visit your blog! I'm Jacqueline from Once Upon a Fairyland. I would love to have you as new friend. I was just thrilled to read and see your tribute and your past birthday magical and fun!

  15. Hi Myrna!

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! We must be somewhat close in age since we both remember the first television shows that were shown in color.

    Gosh, look at all of your goodies! I especially love your Oz garden, such fun and so charming.


  16. Your table is beautiful! I love the Ruby slipper clips! Too cute! Thank you for partying with us!


  17. Thanks for the sweet comments, and the invitation to yours. Well, I love your garden, especially the cute tin man. What a great Oz garden!


  18. I absolutely LOVE your "Wizard Of Oz" garden! What clever references to the movie. The Tin Man is amazing. Spending time in your beautiful garden must make you very happy.

    Best Wishes,

  19. It's simply amazing!!! The wonderful table setting and that awesome garden!!!!!!!!!
    What a wonderful tribute. Soooo creative, I could never have thought of it. How lucky to have such a wonderful, special place!
    Thanks for visiting my Blog!

  20. Hi Myrna!
    Thanks for posting on my site and I have joined yours. Happy blog days ahead! I will return!

  21. What an incredible anniversary blog! It was like putting on an Oz feedbag: DELISH and DELIGHTFUL! Your previous party was spectacular to say the least! My this year's favourite feature: Rolf as Toto. Thank you for extending an invitation to me to see your enchanting presentation!

  22. What a lovely post, a beautiful tribute!
    Beki xxx

  23. Thanks so much for all he sweet comments8-)

  24. What a great post! Love the table scape and the garden is wonderful. Great idea with the shoes. Beautiful kitty too~


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