Wednesday, September 10, 2014


My thanks to each of you for prayers and consolation. I plan to have a book created from Myrna's blog for remembrance.  Frank


  1. I think that will be a lovely tribute to her. Hope you all are doing well. Twyla

  2. What a wonderful way to capture what a delightful person Myrna was to her blogging friends, I hope you are finding peace. Stella

  3. That is a wonderful idea.

  4. My deepest condolences. I have been reading Myrna's lovely blog off and on for some time but I did not know that she has recently passed. It is always difficult to know what to say to loved ones but it is also such a comfort to know that she was a Christian and you will see her again. God comfort you and your family members at this time and may all your memories of Myrna bring you so much joy.

  5. From Frank, Thank you all so much for your fellowship with Myrna. She considered her blog friends as personal friends. I have her blog captured in two book volumes. These are good memories for the last four years of her life.


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