Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day & More

Hi Friends,
I hope all the mothers out there had a wonderful day yesterday& everyone else did too!Here is a pic of  a little something I gave my daughter( & daughter-in-law too) for Mom's Day. They both are great Moms. The card is a printable from "A Fanciful Twist".

Some Mother's Day Gifts: A Balloon from my daughter& family

Also this very cute   Korilakkuma

 & these beautiful flowers

 On to the"More" : A stone rabbit beside my arbor on the front walkway

Walkway lined with plates courtesy  of previous owner

The bushes lining walkway are red knockout roses

Daisies in backyard

Day these were taken sky went from this 

to this

 to this 

A Cardinal 

Clematis Vine

Vase art bird feeder ,I created .Love all the glass thrift store art I see online 

Love this plaque My hubby gave to me  for Mother's Day.

 I will leave you with this wonderful truth  from the Bible .
" We walk by Faith and not by Sight."2 Corinthians 5:7

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,Our World Tuesday,Outdoor Wednesday,
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Love & Prayers.


  1. Konnichiwa! I love your post and the new things you got and made! The cardinal is very cute and I love the rainbow ^.^ I also love your flowers and I love Korilakkuma!

  2. Wonderful pictures, Myrna! Your flowers are so beautiful! Happy belated Mother's Day to you. Sounds like you had a nice day. :-)

  3. Looks like you had a nice day yesterday :) I love that bird feeder you made. Very cute! I love knock out roses. I say every year I will get one and then I never do...

  4. Wow! What a post ~ Enchanted, indeed ~ Magical photography ! Beautiful ~ What a great Mom and Mom-in-law you are ~! Hope you had a Happy Day ^_^

  5. Your Mothers Day flowers are SO lovely. I'm really getting the fever to plant. Glad you had a lovely Mothers Day.

  6. A very pretty assortment of goodies.You did very well on your mother's day.

  7. It sounds as if your Mother's Day was a winner. Thanks for joining in to Blue Monday.

    Happy Blue Monday, Myrna.

  8. That's a lot of beauty and color! It looks like your family had a great weekend!

  9. wow the walkway with the plates lined up is just so unique.

  10. What a great post ... I have a section of my garden with plates as well ... usually ones I've broken and cannot bare to part with them!! :) Thank you for sharing so many delights!!

  11. Myrna, I am so glad you had a happy Mother's Day! Love the beautiful flowers, clematis is one of my favorites. Seeing the rainbow is a treat, lovely photos. Have a happy week!

  12. Dearest Myrna,

    Thank you for the Mother's Day wishes. The very same back to you. I have loved being a mom and I still have pangs of missing their childhood. Did we do all we could, say the right things, teach with the best advice? Did we love them more than they'll ever know? I always take time to reflect upon their upbringing and in the end, the greatest gift of all is to know that they have loved me back.

    I always enjoy your pictures both here and on Facebook. Through your pictures you speak and I love that about you.

    I am working on my backyard with many plans but there is room for one more and that is those china plates to line the walkway. They are also cute just sitting in the dirt behind a simple flower. Must add to my the fairy garden. A sweet corner that is a must.

    How are you? I think of you often. I'm doing pretty good and thankful for each day. It seems everyday brings a blessing or a lesson even after all these years.

    God bless, come visit me some time! Miss you much!

  13. These are lovely collection of photos. I love most the arch on your walkway, i want to plant a flowering vine there, i can visualize the lovely entrance, like a princess entering her kingdom.

  14. Happy Mother's day! Love your clematis. They're one of my favorite flowers.

  15. Love the pics. I love the gift. The mug is sooooo pretty. You made a very pretty bird feeder Mom!!!!!! Love you! :)

  16. what beautiful tings for mother's day! Those roses are so beautiful. We don't get roses here until June and I am really looking forward to it. Your photos remind me of how wonderful they smell everywhere you go!

  17. What a beautiful tribute to mother's day and all of the natural and beautiful gifts in our world. I'm glad I stopped by your blog. Happy Sky Watch!


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