Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spring Fling

Hello Friends,
 Happy Earth Day! This is a different Earth Day post in that we will be  celebrating the Earth's blossoms of Spring in the garden. A Spring Fling , a little celebration of the Glory of God reflected in his creation .

The beautiful Sky 

View from my patio

Jasmine vine on arbor beside patio 

Vintage fireplace frame  on patio

Jasmine vine

Red Azalea

Pink Azalea

Sunlit Columbine

Pink Honeysuckle Bush

Pear Blossom


A fairy's wedding bouquet

"Daisies are like sunshine to the ground." Drew Barrymore

  Thanks to my beautiful granddaughter Jasmine for being my model,Love you !

I will leave you with quote from Christina Rossetti,
" Spring is when Life's  alive in everything."
And this wonderful promise from John 6:40:
"For this is the will of my Father,that everyone that looks on the Son and  believes in him shall have Eternal Life,and I will raise him up on the last day ."

I am joining: Blue Monday,Macro Monday,
Monday Mellow Yellows ,Ruby Tuesday 2, Our World Tuesday
Rednesday, Outdoor Wednesday,Sky Watch Friday

Love &Prayers,


  1. Love seeing the bits and pieces of your outdoor space!
    Love that little shed, the mantle, and the whimsical little bird!
    Lovely blooms as well.

  2. Hello. I'm finally moving around in blog land again. I ditto Christina Georgina Rossetti."When life is alive in everything. Your wonderful garden is far beyond my wildest dreams. A phenomenal beauty with exotic flowers I've only seen on pictures. You are indeed living in an enchanted world.
    Be blessed where you are.

  3. Lots of beautiful blues and pinks . Happy blue monday

  4. Beautiful shots, no dandelions here... yet!


  5. A great post for the themes. Well done!

  6. Very nice photos...thanks for the tour of your space!

  7. Wonderful photography of nature's floral treasures ~ so beautiful ^_^ for HBM

  8. What a charming patio you have--and such a nice view. Thanks for playing Blue Monday.

    Happy Blue Monday, Myrna.

  9. Everything looks so charming. The vintage faux fireplace is wonderful-especially the color. All your flowers are beautiful--what a lovely yard.

  10. It appears in direction you look, there is so much beauty to enjoy.

  11. Happy Earth Day and happy Spring to you, Myrna. Your flower photos are so beautiful! I'm so happy to see the colors of spring reappearing.

  12. Lots of terrific shots! Beautiful blue skies, and lovely blooms. Happy Earth Day.

  13. Beautiful flowers, I love that Barrymore qoute. Happy Blue Monday ;)

  14. Oh I love that first photo. Here from Blue Monday. Happy Monday to you.

  15. Myrna, you have a lovely yard and garden. I would love to have the jasmine vine growing in my yard, does it have a heavenly scent? All the flowers are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing, have a happy week!

  16. beautiful blooms, especially the sunlit Columbine.

  17. Wonderful photos. The flowers are so pretty. Happy RT2!

    My entries:
    Walking hand in hand

  18. Beautiful colours!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  19. Saved as a favorite, I love your blog!

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  20. I like the way the sun lit the purple flower in that picture! =3 Your flowers and pictures are very pretty \(^o^)/

  21. Lovely enchanted world you presented to us this Skywatch Friday.
    JM Illinois

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  23. Hi Myrna,

    How are you my friend! I have not had a visit from you in ages! I love your earth day tribute. The flowers warm my heart. I have been taking lots of pictures this year too of flowers. I'm enjoying all your post on FB too!
    Miss you!


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