Monday, September 10, 2012

Back to School Decor & other Pics

Hi Friends,
I hope all  is well with you .Today I am starting off with my " First of the Month Pics". The idea is to photograph the same person place or thing  each month .I have chosen to photograph my table decor & my front yard each month . This month my decor theme is "Back to School".

In black & white
subway art by eighteen 25 , idea for map covered cans found on pinterest 

In B&W

Some close-ups

Flash card garland

Front Yard pics

Not many flowers were blooming so I placed this vase of Gladiolas in the bird bath.



In B&W

Rose in backyard

My August Months of the Year TPR Scrapbook  Album & Tag 

Images from the internet

Tag fits into page pocket

My sweet granddaughter Eliana making a face as she gets used to the water temp in pool.

 I love this rainbow which  comes into the family room each sunny afternoon via prism hanging in the window.

 The rainbow reminds me of"The throne of Jesus in Heaven"  depicted in these wonderful Bible Verses recorded by John the apostle while he was captive on the Isle of Patmos  at  around AD 96.

"At once I was in the Spirit, and there  before me  was a throne in heaven with someone sitting on it. And the one (Jesus)who sat there
had the appearance  of jasper & carnelian. A rainbow , resembling an emerald, encircled the throne. " Revelation 4:2&3

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Thank you so much for your visit!
Love & Prayers


  1. fun and enchanting photos ~ enjoy ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  2. Thanks for sharing your beautiful blues. Eliana is a doll.

    Happy Blue Monday, Myrna.

  3. I love the map covered cans, very neat.


  4. You always do such a nice job of decorating, Myrna. Your flowers are pretty, and I love the rainbow. It is all very cheery. :)

  5. Dearest Myrna,
    What a precious example you are of God's precious love. I am always encouraged and lifted up by your thoughtful comments.
    Your little grandbaby girl, Eliana, is beautiful. She has shiny dark hair just like her Grammy!
    I love the rainbow shining on your family portraits. God is smiling on you and yours and reminding you that He always keeps His promises.
    Blessings to you, my sister in the Lord Jesus, our Messiah, savior and King!

  6. She's a darling! Visiting from Ruby Tuesday.

    Here's my Ruby post, come and see.

  7. Beautiful pictures. Your granddaughter is beautiful! The school theme looks so great. And I love the rainbow on the wall.. great verse.

  8. You really take beautiful photos, Myrna...Cheistine

  9. Wow this is an amazing post! It is so very nice to meet you and thanks for the comment on my blog! You have a very beautiful blog and I enjoyed my visit here!

  10. Lovely collection of images - especially the back to school and the variety of images. Thank you contributing to Mandarin Orange Monday.

  11. What a great post! I love the light cast through the prism. I haven't seen a prism in a long while ;-)

  12. I love the back school composition. The lighting is perfect and you have set the scene up really well.


  13. Myrna, very neat idea and decorations, the map covered cans are cool. I love your flowers, especially the zinnia! Your granddaughter is a real cutie. Pretty capture of your prism rainbow. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing. Have a great week!

  14. I love the close ups of the pencils.

  15. I love the prism picture. It reminds me of Pollyanna and her glad game. Sweet grandbaby!

  16. Wonderful photos. Thanks so much for visting.

  17. Hi Myrna, I just love all the back to school pictures, so colorful. Love your new banner too. Your grand is such a cutie in the water having fun. To answer your question on where the violin was hiding, it was stashed on the top shelf of a closet, behind all my Mom's fabric stash. I don't know why she would have put it there, but it must have been there for years. Have a great day!

  18. Your little granddaughter is adorable. The last picture of the rainbow on the wall was so pretty! As always I love looking at all of your pictures.

  19. I lovee your post =D Your tag pages are really cool! =D I love your back to school decorations, they make going back to school better =D I love how you put the flowers in the birdbath =D

  20. Great pics. Love the glads in the bird bath! Classic.

  21. I love the zinnia and the mushroom, those are such nice shots! When the timing is right, we have gladiolas in our yard. I enjoyed seeing them in your bird bath, the colors are so pretty in the reflections...

  22. As always, I'm happy to be in your company. There are so much beauty and joy around you. favorite picture of today must be the prism rainbows in your family room. Poor John, Alone in captivity on an island. Though he wasn't alone. He spent time with the Holy God, and got messages to cherish, warm and comfort Christians of all time. Have a wonderful week.

  23. Nice blog post. The pictures are really nice. You make each new season feel more special with your careful attention to detail and your fun decorating. Eliana looked cute in that pic in the pool. And I love how you put the flowers outside. Enjoyed it all, and the rainbow and the verse that went so well with it. Love you. :)

  24. Such wonderful photos! I love how your photos capture moments and tell stories!

  25. Rainbow quote from Revelations is eye opening but I am a woman who believes we are walking through rainbows everyday we just can't see the colors.
    Joyce M

  26. i love decorating with maps and globes, nice ideas :)

  27. An interesting idea, your Zinnia reminded me of the one I featured on the photo blog last week. :)

  28. Oh Myrna...these are so know which one I love the best???? Little Eliana in the water. Too adorable!!!!

  29. Wow Myrna, these are such beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing them.


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