Monday, May 21, 2012

A Birthday & Museum Visit

Hi Blogging Friends,
I hope your life is good today ,if not, I pray that things get better soon. Here at" My Enchanted Home", as you know it is mostly about photo journaling my life .So I tend to be long on pics and short on commentary. But  I  always  want you know how much I value and appreciate all who visit here.

 Today I have pics from my daughter, Angel's  35th birthday.  She is a vegetarian and very much into organic  square foot gardening , so thus the party theme of gardening . 

Birthday Crown

Birthday Cupcakes

For her day , we joined  Angel & family for an afternoon at the new wing of the NC Science Musuem, It is " The Nature Research Center"

This pic is from their website.

left to right,Jasmine, Granddaughter,Angel ,Daughter, Billy,son-in-law & Eliana, Granddaughter


Geraniums in courtyard garden 

 City Carriage Ride  stationed  in the Courtyard.

Outside view of the Earth building structure that is part of the Nature Research Center. I think this is very cool.

Pics from the main building of Science Museum.

Whale from NC Coast.

View from walkway between the two Science Museum Buildings.

Pics from inside Nature Center 

This looks like colorful abstract art., but it's a model of an e-colic germ.

Outside view from Nature Center

I love the contrast of light& dark here. I looked up while waiting on the Nature Center Porch ,this is a pic of porch skylight while it was raining.

The cool waterfall gutter at the museum.

After the museum visit, we went to eat at Chipotle, Angel's favorite restaurant. It started raining before we left the museum.

Cool Pic of Jasmine twirling her umbrella in the rain.

I will leave you with this encouraging word  from the Bible:
"I will leave them and the places round about my hill a blessing; and I will cause the rain to come down in his season; and there shall be showers of blessings."Ezekiel 34:26

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Love & Prayers,

Visit Angel Here.
Learn more about the Nature Research Center Here.
Read about Eliana  Here.


  1. Happy birthday to your daughter. I hope she enjoyed her special day. The trip to the Nature Research Center sounds like it was a lot of fun. Have a good week, Myrna! :)

  2. Happy Birthday to Angel! From your colourful pictures, it looks like she had a wonderful celebration. i too am vegetarian (actually, vegan) so found the garden theme very interesting.

  3. Happy Birthday to your daughter. I so like her umbrella looks like candy to me. ^_^

    Kim, MI

    Inviting you to join Water World Wednesday

  4. Rain or not....looks like a very fun day all around. Love the organic garden theme for the treats. And all the museum photos [I'd like to go through it] Sweet, smiles...great family images and interesting exhibits!!!

    A belated Happy birthday wish from me to your daughter.

  5. Wow! An incredible array of colour, smiles and exciting features in this post! Intriguing!

  6. Hi Myrna,What a fun day for your lovely family.My husband and I enjoy going on those types of outings too.Esp.when we were younger.EEKS that germ!Hope it stays away from Me.Thank you for continuing to follow and commenting so often sweet friend.Hugs Denise

  7. Myrna, what a nice birthday for your daughter. Looks like a fun time for everyone. I also have a daughter named Angel. SHe's 33. Have a great week.

  8. What a neat idea for a party! and I have to say.... that baby... oh my gosh, so adorable.

  9. Sumptuous and So beautiful!

    Visiting late from MYM, here's my Yellow Roses, come and see.

  10. What a wonderful day of celebration for your daughter's birthday. My daughter is vegan and into organic foods too. As always your photos are beautiful and really interesting.


  11. What a great birthday for your daughter. The whale skeleton reminds me of the one that hangs in the Charleston Museum...or at least used to.

  12. Lovely to see your photos and to follow the birthday!

  13. I would love to visit that museum! It's my birthday tomorrow...those cupcakes look awesome! Happy Rednesday!

  14. What a great theme for a birthday! I really think the vegetable seed packet picks are the cutest for the cup cakes! Looks like an awesome museum, so glad you posted all these great pictures! Your family is beautiful.
    Also, I sure hope you accept awards, because I have an award for you to pick up over at my blog. Please come visit and pick it up! If you don't accept awards, then know that I really enjoy how creative and encouraging your blog is.

  15. Just found your blog, I'm your newest follower! What a wonderful family you looks like you had a gret time together!


  16. What a nice day for your daughter to remember. Great theme too.

  17. Belle fotografie, ma la più bella è quella con il bambino che dorme!!buona giornata e felice week end...ciao

  18. What a lovely family you have it does not look like your old enough to have them that old. I love your photo blog I used to do mine that way. Great photos they are so sharp! have a great weekend. Hugs

  19. Comment from Jacqueline " At Once Upon a Fairlyland" It went out into Bloggerland,but I have in email.

    "Dearest Party Planner,

    YOU TAKE THE CAKE and pass it to everyone. It's like a big blessing cake when you throw a party. Happy Birthday, what a fun day! I loved seeing all the photo's of the family and the one of the rain with the cars is pretty in it's own way!

    Prayer request for a gal called Jannie, my goodness, she is 72 and her husband left her for some other women and yesterday her precious grandson passed away in a swimming pool accident. This is a friend of a friend but prayer covering is needed.
    Thank you! "

    Praying for Jannie.

  20. May you continue to have showers of blessings, Myrna! What a lovely birthday outing! The museum looks amazing, and your daughter's organic veggie theme is adorable! Great photos! Glad you had a great day. Happy birthday to your daughter!


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