Monday, April 23, 2012

Earth Day &Other Pics

Hi Blogging Friends,
 I am so glad that  you have come to visit!
Sunday was Earth Day,I am not an Earth Worshiper , but I do believe God has called us to be responsible stewards of this amazing planet that we call Home .

Here are 10 relatively painless ways to Love Your Home,Some I thought up , some I have read in various places in the past .
1.Plant a tree
2.Recycle & reuse
3. Wash laundry in cold or warm water
4.Use cruise control on car
5.Bach your errands together,make fewer trips
6.Download software
7. Pay Bills online
8.Shop Online
9. Turn off lights
10.Shop at thrift & second hand  shops

 Earth Day Table Decor 

Earth Day Subway Art by Nothing But Country.

The purple flower(If you know the name please share)was a gift from daughter & son-in-law.It is in a recycled cardboard pot.

Here are some green (haha just in color) thrift store finds I love .

This  is not green, but so cute, I had to share.

This is my April Tag & Page for my Months of the Year TP Album. TP Albums are a wonderful way to recycle and are a great craft for Earth Day.

This is  how the pages start out , there are many tutorials on You Tube and around the internet . I have not made a cover or decided how I will connect the pages yet.

Some Earth Day Cupcakes, they have become an Earth Day tradition.

I also have some Yard Pics .

  Knock out Roses, the easy Rose to grow .

Dandelion (weed,flower,herb,your choice )

This flower is from a yard I passed while on a walk.

And I love sky pics. These were taken as I riding along  in car,over the weekend.

Looks like the Lord could step through those clouds at any moment.

I will leave you with these Bible verses :
"To the Lord your God belong the heavens, even the highest heavens, the earth and everything in it ." Deuteronomy10:14

"You shall not pollute the land in which you live..."Numbers35:33

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Love & Prayers


  1. Thanks for sharing earth day and your blue sky.

    Happy Blue Monday, Myrna.

  2. your photos are gorgeous, thx for the comment back at my blog the link is it was posted on the post in bold but thanks

  3. You take such beautiful pictures! =3 I didn't really do anything to celebrate Earth day... ('-.-)

  4. Beautiful flowers! The thrift store finds are great. I haven't found a thing lately. And the cupcakes are as cute as can be! :)

  5. Wonderful pictures, Myrna and good reminders that we all need to take better care of our home. The cupcakes made me laugh. :D

  6. great celebration of Earth Day too. The earth and every thing on it are creations of God and should as such be respected and cared for.
    Do you really have roses already? We are still in the daffodil season.I first thought the blue flowers were lobelia,I planted some yesterday on the terrace, but now I'm really not sure. They are really sweet, and I hope they'll thrive where I have planted them.
    The dandelions are three things in one, weed, herb and flowers. My daughter used to bring them in when she was a little girl and I said they were little suns of spring. Their beauty are beyond discussion, the problem is when they multiply and take over the entire garden. I also use them for herbs in salads and as tea.
    The great sky painter never repeat himself, his canvas is vast and his work amazing.
    Have a wonderful week.

    1. It is about a month early for the roses, May is usually when they bloom. our winter was mild & our spring has mostly been warm.
      I asked my daughter about the plant and she told me , it was printed on the bottom of the pot. And it is "forget -me-nots". I think you were very close ,they do look similar.

  7. Hi, Myrna,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I enjoyed this post very much. Love the sky pic. I surely do wish God WOULD
    step out of that beautiful sky. :) I am going to have to try those knock out roses. I need "easy" :)

  8. Gorgeous! Happy blue Monday and a great week ahead!

    My BLUE, your comment will be much appreciated. Thank you!

  9. is me hahaha there way you can add my blog maybe you can try at your dashboard at the bottom should have a add/manage just click add and paste this link but i did had a fallow kamemoir in the post a comment section..

    btw thanks for stopping by i also added you/follow have a wonderful night.

  10. Beautiful photos. I love the Earth Day cupcakes!

  11. Beautiful series of photos you show.
    Wishing you a good day.
    Hanne Bente /

  12. First of all...I've been meaning to ask you this, and keep forgetting each time I leave a that little lamb in your header image made of rice krispie treats? It sure is cute. And if it is...what a concept.

    Okay now to earth day...I like your list. Tho, there is something I disagree with and that's shopping online [yes it saves the earth, but it can back fire. You see, my way of thinking is if you shop online --you're hurting those businesses that want to sell merchandise to keep their company going. By everyone shopping online...we pay no sales tax and then....the streets of a city and infrastructure becomes a funds to keep up the condition of the city, etc. etc. etc. ---and eventually the small businesses are bankrupt and we end up with a 'ghost town']. Just my opinion.

    LOVE the green glass vase that you found at the thrift store. That's my favorite.

    1. I bought the lamb at a thrift store,it is made of a heavy twine ,maybe a macrame twine. :) Shopping online makes sense to me,but you can't buy everything online.If you feel that way , I think you should follow your conscience.I have to pay a sales tax on my internet shopping , either upfront or my state tax return each year.

  13. I like your pictures. And cupcakes are so cute. I love your Green glass!

  14. I like your ways to help the earth, they're simple and common sense and easy to implement

    your photos are charming
    I love the green glass

  15. is cool, thanks for trying to follow and being successful :D i'm also following your blog.
    keep in touch..

  16. I think you have the most wonderful posts, always filled with lots of pretties and lots of interesting things.

    I just bought a Cecil Brunner climbing rose. I love this rose so much. Dainty and pale pink. Your table setting is so pretty, I really love the green glass.

    The photos of the blue skies are so beautiful. I think the skies are always gorgeous gray or blue.

    I really enjoyed this post. The scripture was so fitting. Thank you for sharing.


  17. Love this post. I often think that when I look at the sky too. That little doll is way cute and I enjoyed looking at all of the things you made. The flowers are really nice too. hehe

  18. Those cupcakes made me laugh! Did you find out the name of the purple flowers? I love those kind of roses. There are a lot of them growing in this area and they bloom all Spring, summer and a good part of the Fall here! So wonderful!!

  19. Amazing post! I love the thrift store finds! Your Earth Day tips were so good. Those cupcakes are adorable! Beautiful flowers, and skies, too. Just a great post, topped off with a Bible verse. Thanks! Hope you have an awesome week!

  20. Hi Myrna! Great post! Love all the pics and your garden is Bloomin spectacular!

  21. Hi Myrna, except #8 I do all of the above. I love trees and in fact going to plant more trees this year. ^_^ Blog hopping from Water World Wednesday

  22. Great green finds from the thrift store. I do most of the things you mentioned but thanks for reminding us we are the steward of what the Lord privides.

  23. Hi there, I enjoyed your lovely post. Especially the pic of clouds where the Lord could step through any moment! Beautiful.

  24. I love all your pictures. everyone. I agree...we are called by God to be stewards of this beautiful your list!!

  25. Your pictures are so beautiful and friendly :-)

  26. beautiful BLUES especially the heart-shape of the earth :-) so love it :-) Dropping by from BM

  27. beautiful YELLOW weeds :- when I first come here in America, I really thought they are flowers :-) Dropping by from MYM

  28. that is one happy and beautiful YELLOW face :-) Dropping by from MYM

  29. beautiful red roses :-) great shots too :-) Dropping by from RT2

  30. we are, for this time and season, but our Eternal Home will be so much better. No tears there and pure love abound.

    I have a little spot on earth and I try to take care of it.

    I recycle all paper and plastic foil, tin, glass anything that can be reused.

    I never litter

    I support thrift stores and buy used clothes, gifts, homewares, anything that makes sense.

    I plant flowers and trees

    I never kill anything on purpose

    I use fabric grocery bags vs. plastic or paper

    I make or buy natural home cleaners as much as possible.

    I pick up litter

    I fight for trees not to be cut

    I feed the birds

    smiling...good food for thought.

  31. These are all wonderful ways to honor our home! And I love your cloud photos...I take a lot of those, too! Hugs!


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