Monday, November 7, 2011

Hill Ridge Farms Pumpkin Festival

Hello Blogging Friends,

Today I have a Photo Journal of my visit to Hill RidgeFarms in Youngsville, NC . It is a very fun place to go , especially during their Pumpkin festival. I have a lot of pics but I didn't include most of the kids activities . Visit the farm's website here to see more. I love to visit the country store.Lots of old and interesting things on display and to buy .

You get a free pumpkin with admission price during Pumpkin Festival , but they still have lots of flowers & pumpkins for sale .

One of the kid mazes . I love the rainbow of colors .

We passed lots of beautiful scenery on the Hay ride .

Above is view of a Hayride form the train ride .

More views from Hayride .

We enjoyed a beautiful Fall afternoon at the farm . The weather was gorgeous the air was a little crisp , but smelled clean and pure . Fall is my favorite time of the year. Thanks for coming along for the ride.
I will leave you with these Happy Pumpkin Faces
& a hearty Happy Fall Y'all !

Love & Blessings,


  1. Thanks for sharing these beautiful blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Myrna.

  2. Oh your photos are gorgeous. Looks like the man setting is true ^_^ And the pepsi bottle cap that is awesome too. Happy Monday!


  3. What an impressive post. Your photos are awesome. You have made your visit to the pumpkin farm so real I have felt like I was there right along with you. So much to see and so much to do. A heavenly place for children and adults alike. Can’t get over the maze....all of those primary colors so bright in the middle of all of those orange pumpkins. The fields of pumpkins are the pictures that really stick out in my mind for me. What a grand sight. I could go on and on with the positives of this collection. It is just the best. genie

  4. You are real special in finding wonderful, exciting and thorough made quality places to go to.
    That old farmer sitting by the window made my day. What a great guy to invite into my kitchen. I bet we'd have a wonderful time together. Me chatting and he patently listening.

  5. awesome photos, dropping by for MYM, I hope you can also visit my share at and show some love.. see you!!

  6. Delightful!

    Late visiting from Blue Monday, hope you can come and see my entry, thanks!

  7. Very pretty!!!

    Visiting from Ruby Tuesday, mind to come and and see my ruby entry? Your comment would be greatly appreciated!

  8. I don't think it would be possible to have a bad time at a place like this!! It is a wonderful autumn trip to the train ride and the maze.

  9. I bet it was a lot of fun! Happy wednesday!

  10. such a wonderfully colorful post overflowing with wonderful images of life.

  11. so many things to see and photograph. i'd run out of memory here.

  12. That is one place I would dearly enjoy. Was nice seeing it through your lens.

  13. The train looks like fun to ride on. Great pictures!

  14. What a wonderful place to visit. Thanks for the tour!

    Susan and Bentley

  15. Awesome photograph of the tractor.
    Joyce M

  16. your pictures are great... so full of life

  17. I love going to places like this, especially at this time of the year.

    Beautiful pictures!

  18. How wonderful!It reminds me of an area around here called Oak Glenn.Apple picking,pumpkin finding ect..But my oh my,that maze!How I love that for the kids.What fun,so nice visiting with you-Denise

  19. Sounds like a great place to visit! I love old country stores.

  20. I really like your pictures and that was fun =D

  21. These photos just sing of the beauty of autumn!


    A day filled with scarlet, they say,
    Can make the sad heart skip and play;
    For where red abides,
    A little bird hides
    And sings every worry away.

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Plump, Ripe Persimmon

  22. Looks so fun-it's been years since I"ve been to one-thanks for the trip!

  23. Myrna, beautiful fall photos. The pictures even look crisp and cool--my favorite time of the year also. The maze is really colorfull--like the way they stack the pumpkins in the little wooden bookshelves.

  24. CONGRATS Myrna on winning the apron from Amy!!! I was hoping it would be somebody that came over from my post!! Thanks for supporting Amy!! I know you're gonna love your apron!! XO Love, Fran.

  25. Thanks Fran,I am excited to have won !

  26. What a fun looking place!!!


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