Monday, August 22, 2011

Pics from around the Yard : )

Hello Friends,
I was walking around my yard yesterday,looking to make some yellow or blue pics. I was surprised that I found some,after the soaring heat this summer,most things were not looking so good. It has cooled to more normal temps and things are looking somewhat better.

The bottle tree kept right on blooming in spite of it all. he he

The heat hasn't affected this happy little guy,either.

The beach balls seem to flourish in the heat. lol

Glazing Balls also have an amazing tolerant for summer heat.

I live on a wooded lot and it is almost like living in a desert for plants.I put a lot of things in pots. Trees take an enormous amount of water and nutrients from the soil. But I do love the woods!

Love & Blessings,


  1. Myrna,

    Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday.

  2. Like your photos. I like that blue bottle ^_^


    Blue Monday

  3. Loved your cute post. I guess I better get me a bottle tree, as it might stand this intense heat.

  4. I just love those Southern bottle trees...I think I need one here!

  5. Such a fabulous, happy post! I need to get me one of those "bottle trees" - do you think the nurseries in Minnesota carry them? lol :)

  6. You've got a great yard-so many fun and wonderful features!

  7. You did well and had a good find of the photos. You think there's none but we don't realize they're just everywhere around, blues and yellows. Love your humor and cute photos.

    Thanks for vising me.

  8. I have never seen a bottle tree before. Cool!

  9. Love the happy little guy and the bottle tree is so funny!

  10. The weather like this so hot and gloomy it is nice to go to the beach and bring that balls for the kids to enjoy. Mine is up and its here thanks Points of View and Thoughts

  11. I enjoyed your pretty pictures. I did not have many flowers this year either. It has been too hot for me to go out much.


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