Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Things I love !

Hi Everyone ! I love Chocolate Cake!I just recently tired Naturally Nora's cake & frosting mix and I really liked it . They didn't give me the mixes free or anything ,I just came across them on the internet & I thought I would try it, But after I thought about it , I might contact them and see if they will send me something to try and review , they make several different kinds.

I love to search on SwagBucks !( click to go there and join, if you haven't already) Just recently I used amazon gift gifts I won from SB to purchase something else I love , this Madame Alexander Dorothy Doll.

It came in this cool box.

I love Wizard of Oz , the movie & the books , too.

Toto is in her basket.

Close-up of face , a sweet renition of Dorothy.

She also came with these movie version slippers, very cool !

Another , thing I love are vintage tablecloths , I just snagged this beautiful Rose cloth form Ebay .

I love the roses !

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I hope you are having a wonderful day !
Love & Prayers,


  1. I too love chocolate cake but I am very picky. Not all chocolate cake satisfies my liking. That's why if I found one that I like I would not hesitate to make a review too because they need more real review than just what is being advertise out there. Great post and love that red shoes!

    Ruby red

  2. Thats my fave cake! chocolate!!!!

    Im your newest follower :) both on NetworkedBlog and GFC!

    u may view mine here

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  4. Those roses are boldly red! Just right!


    What is there about the color red
    That makes me want to stand on my head,
    And give a loud shout or two of praise
    For crimson tints that brighten my days?

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Bits of red here and here

  5. The Dorothy doll is wonderful!
    Great find on the tablecloth!
    I love chocolate cake, too. I have been so tempted to bake one. It's just too hot to turn on the oven. That is good because i do't need to be eating cake!

  6. The cake looks great and I love your little Dorothy doll. My niece would really love the doll and the sparkly red shoes.

  7. What a delightful vintage tablecloth. Thank you for sharing with Rednesday.

  8. Great findings on the Internet.
    I am enchanted by the Dorothy doll. She's perfect in every little detail.

  9. I adore her red shoes..oh my!! the tablecloth is beautiful.

  10. We make Wizard of Oz jokes around our house all the time because I came to NZ from Kansas! Lovely doll.

  11. My favorite is chocolate cake with peppermint ice cream. I also say...devils food cake is the only thing that the devil did good!!!
    May your love for Oz never end. It is a magical adventure indeed. We played the soundtrack from Oz in the Fairyland everyday, and every year for many many years. I can sing every song from memory.

    I'm so thrilled your little sweet pea is home. I'm keep praying and God keeps answering! Amen and Praise the Lord!

  12. Love Wizard of Oz. Totally by accident, I started collecting Oz stuff years ago. My now all grown up daughter claims everything immediately as things appear in the house. I think a doll would be very nice to add to the collection.

  13. Omg, that cake looks yummy Myrna! I tried making one and I burnt it.. let's say cooking is not my talent in any way lol!

    Gorgeous doll! I love dolls in general but the Wizard of Of tale is just so wonderful!




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