Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Grocery Store Valentine Reds

I have not decorated for Valentine's Day much yet , so I look for reds whenever I venture out .My visit last Friday to the Kroger Store did not disappoint .

These chocolate covered strawberries look luscious.

Beautiful Roses in colors to suit every fancy.

Hanging Tinsel Hearts .

More strawberries , this time on a yummy looking cheesecake .

Fun, colorful bunch of Valentine message balloons.

Everyone loves Cupcakes, especially one with a beautiful rose on top .

And some Heart Shaped balloons .

I am linking to Ruby Tuesday & Rednesday .



  1. I love all of these reds Myrna, especially that cupcake and those tinsel hearts!
    Happy REDnesday!

  2. I love this post!
    I'm a Valentine birthday girl and you have certainly captured the essence of the day!

    Carletta's Captures

  3. Hi Myrna, What fun reds - I especially loved the red roses. With my senior mom and I cooped up and no gardening, any hint of spring delight is grand fun. :) Have a great Rednesday!

  4. Happy Valentines Day, hope you enjoy your day.

  5. I enjoyed your choices of reds. Those strawberries make my mouth water.

  6. Hi Myrna....guess were stockin up for the storm too..LOL

  7. Went to my Kroger to day and saw NONE of this...I will check later in the week. I always buy their chocolate covered strawberries!

  8. The roses look the yummiest of all!


    Tonight, my dear, I’m seeing red—
    Or is it puce or rose?
    Whatever’s going round my head
    Is tingling all my toes.

    My heart, my dear, becomes inflamed
    With passion sore ablaze;
    Perhaps it is because I miss
    Your glowing, crimson gaze.

    Whate’er the cause, my face is flushed
    Like a ripened cherry,
    No longer healthy, but inflamed—
    See the vessels serry*?

    A certain sanguine aftertaste
    Is clinging to my tongue,
    For I have kissed your ruby lips—
    To which the claret clung.

    *serry – (archaic) to crowd closely together

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Lady in Red

  9. I love all the great red things you found! Yum ~ especially ALL those strawberries!! The balloons are a fun photo!

  10. What lot of my favorite color. And strawberries! YUM!

  11. I love going to the grocery store to look at their decorations/gift section! You are right, Kroger/Fry's never disappoint!
    That cupcake with the red rose on the top is just too darn pretty to eat. Well, maybe I could just try it! Yummy.:o)

  12. The cupcake and the cheesecake are calling to me. The tinsel hearts are really pretty too.

  13. Yummy reds!!! love the tinsel hearts, I have one like that.
    Happy Rednesday. ;)

  14. Myrna, this is great! I always enjoy the grocery store decorations. I wonder if they throw them out or save them 'til the next year? I should inquire!

  15. Wow...so...Wow...am falling in love with all those redness....love it. Happy weekend ahead.

  16. Isn't this holiday just as special as it can be? To think that all that love is being spread around, just as God wants it!

    I'm coming down with a cold so I'm tucked away on this famous SuperBowl Sunday to relax and blog and come and visit you.

    Nobody home but me and the gnomes...and dogs and God.

  17. I don't think of Valentine's Day much but you've certainly made my day with this lovely post.


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