Saturday, January 1, 2011


A devotional by Joni Eareckson Tada

Look to the Lord and his strength;seek his face always .---Psalm 105:4

Where did this year fly to ? Just when I get in the groove of writing the correct year , I've got to learn a new one .It's hard to keep track anymore.
That's why right now is a great time to take inventory. Go back over the year and ask yourself : Did I meet all of my goals , or at least some of them ? Did I keep all of my promises , at least those I remember ?Have my relationships strengthened with my family and friends ?Did my life in the Lord Jesus deepen and grow ?If I were to ask a close friend, would he say that I've changed for the better over the last year?

I'm not asking you these things to make you feel guilty. It's just good to close out the old , to tie up the lose ends,and bring closure to one year before you begin a new one .

Set aside a few minutes right now and take inventory. Consider each question and turn it into a prayer as together we stand on the threshold of a new year.

Did I commit myself to do something and and yet fail to do it ?Lord give me the courage to make amends with those I failed. Help me to be a promise- keeper and make good on my word .

Did I testify as a Christian in my place of work ?Lord , help me to stand up for the faith where I work, because I want to be salt and light to the people around me .

Did I show appreciation for family and friends ? Lord, forgive me for unresolved conflicts and arguments left hanging .Help me to deepen my friendship with each family member and each person in my life.

Did I enjoy being alone with the Lord this past year?Lord, keep reminding me that quiet time with You is the source of my strength .As I commit myself to a special time of prayer and the study of your Word, hold me to my vows . May I glorify you in the year to come .

Happy New Year !


  1. I just stopped by to wish you a very happy and healthy New Year! And to say thanks for visiting my blog and being a blogging buddy.

  2. Thanks for sharing this and have a blessed 2011

  3. Thanks for sharing your inspiration... God loves us!
    I pray the best for you and your family this New Year!

  4. That was a great devotional message. Have a blessed New Year.

  5. Just stopped by to wish you a blessed New Year and to thank you for coming by to say hello.

  6. What a great post...makes you think! My word for this year is "listen" I need to do more of that...God speaks to us through many avenues and I must listen for His message to me! Happy New Year!!

  7. Thank you for sharing this thoughtful devotional and the beautiful video.
    Blessings for a wonderful new year.


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