Saturday, March 13, 2010


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" Because I live , Ye shall live also. " John 14:19

Today, I have a devotion by Watchman Nee.

God has given to us his son to be our life as well as our substitute on the cross. To understand this ,we must first be clear on what life is . When someone who is difficult calls on you, you know at once the situation requires you to be patient, but whence does your patience originate ? To supply it , you know you must draw from your very life . Often to be patient , you must call forth the very best that is in you . You know this all too well. Or let us suppose you have a big task ahead, and you feel you should be diligent and not be slothful. To be diligent ,too, calls you to put forth all your energies. Or again , someone is in trouble and you know you should show them love and helpfulness. But where does your power to help come from ? It is your life, your nature , that causes you to love . The drain upon you is immense as again and again you exercise your very life to meet outside demands . And here is the wonderful thing : God has given Christ, with the purpose that He should be to you , your Life.

Here is a graphic poem by Amy Carmichael on the subject of Christ our Life .


But I have seen a fiery flame
Take to his pure and burning heart
Mere dust of earth ,to it impart
His virtue, till that dust became
Transparent loveliness of flame.

O Fire of God , Thou fervent Flame
Thy dust of earth in Thee would fall,
and be lost beyond recall.
Transformed by Thee, its very name
Forgotten in Thine own, O Flame .

Here is Brian Littrell singing In Christ Alone


  1. Wishing you a peaceful weekend, Myrna, and a great week ahead!


  2. What a beautiful song Myrna. Thanks for sharing it today....It is my prayer! And thank you for your nice comments on my blog....God bless...

  3. great Christ alone...have a great week. Sarah

  4. I have never seen that poem before. I really like it! Thanks for sharing it this Spiritual Sunday.

  5. This was wonderful, thanks for blessing me with it this morning. Have a wonderful week. Debbie

  6. I had a bad night at work last night, working at the prison's Intake. [Where arrestees first arrive from the streets]. Lots of drug violations. Lots of drunk! It was even tougher as we adjusted our time and moved 1 hour forward. So, very little to open up charts for those who have medical issues. But amidst that chaos, there was a steady peace and calm. Despite sensing the annoying spirits, the peace and protection of the Lord prevailed! Yes, in Christ alone! Not only did He give us life, but to be co-heirs with Him? So unfathomable and so undeserved. Thank You Lord! Thank you for this great post. I love that song! God bless.

  7. Good post Myrna - thanks for sharing it today.

    Have a wonderful week!


  8. The singer has a very great voice.I think that it is a very wonderful song.

  9. Great inspiration. Thanks so much for sharing.

  10. Thank you, Myrna for sharing this beautiful post with us.

  11. Such a blessing! Thank you so much for sharing with us. Most you pointed out I'm great at. Patience is something I lack in, so again, thank you for sharing and reminding ME that I can attain patience through Christ Jesus who is most patient with me.

    God bless you today and every day!!

  12. What a beautiful song! I can just listen to this all night thank-you for sharing this beautiful song.

  13. Brian coming from N SYNC or Backstreet boys...I love it...he made a good career choice for sure and a good eternal choice! Beautiful song to start off our week.
    You have a surprise waiting over in the Price Galaxy game show...tee hee...good job Myrna Lee!

  14. Blessings Myrna...IN CHRIST ALONE!!! Yes, because HE LIVES... my life, my truth, the only WAY! What a beautiful rendition of this song! I like how they shared the Lighthouse with the lyrics! Thanks Myrna for this great combination, well thought out with a wonderful message!


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