Tuesday, December 29, 2009


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Today I have more scenes from Christmas .First I Have the Red Shirts in my Christmas Card Pic of my three granddaughters ,Trinity, Jasmine & Shauna

Next , I have the Santa Collection that sets on my computer desk in my Family Room.
To end up I have the Red Dress in this beautiful pic of my grandniece Ava, that came in my Christmas card from my niece .
Thanks for stopping by I love your visits & your comments !
I wish you a Happy & Blessed New Year !
~Myrna Lee


  1. oh my...your niece..she looks like an angel!

  2. The smiles in the first photo are wonderful and I love all your Santas. The last photo is just priceless, she is adorable.
    Through Squirrel Eyes

  3. so festive and beautiful photos!
    Happy New Year!

  4. Okay...that red troll Santa caught my eye. I love trolls. I have a couple from my childhood and one of my sons loves them too and he's 26!
    I've been everywhere it seems but blogging the last few days. I'm gained so many great friends on this awesome journey. I look towards 2010 hearing more from you and sharing your life! Blog on and be happy!

  5. ava looks so gorgeous - love all the red :D

  6. You have a wonderful Santa collection, and those children are all just beautiful!
    I wish you happiness and prosperity in 2010!
    Happy REDnesday,

  7. You must be one proud Grandma! Beautiful girls!

  8. they are lovely in red !
    Happy new year

  9. Hi Myrna,

    First of all, thanks for coming by and leaving a comment.
    Then, wonderful kids pics.
    Your 3 kids are wonderful, and that pic of Ava, great!

    How do you get such a great picture of a picture??

    blessings in 2010

    barbara jean

  10. Oooh those are just precious faces!.Happy New Year!...Christine

  11. Kids smiles are awesome and Ava she is like a pro..a model of the red dress. Thanks for sharing!

    Homemade Salsa and Tomato sauce

  12. Great Photos, your Santa's are really cute! ANd the kids are even cuter! :) Happy New Year!

  13. Thanks for all the nice comments ! The pic of Ava was also posted online at Facebook so I copied it from there instead of scanning the one I have. That's why it is so clear.

  14. Your pictures are so pretty, cute little children. Blessings ~

  15. Hi Myrna...what a great santa collection you have, but of course, your granddaughters stole the show! They are beautiful, as well as your great nice...they are gorgeous little girls, and I'm sure they bring you much joy.

    Happy New Year...may the Lord bless you and yours abundantly!


    p.s. thank you for your prayers...I am a little better, but still have not over it. Hope to be back within a few days.

  16. My dear Myrna!
    A very Happy New Year to you & yours!
    It’s been a wonderful year knowing you! Only sorry I’m not able because of work to get out & visit yr great site more often!

    XoXo Lola & Nora:)

  17. Oh, that last pic is so adorable!


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