Monday, November 23, 2009

Children's Book Review

Today I am reviewing the children's book " The Tallest of the smalls" written by Max Lucado and illustrated by Maria Monescillo. This is a parable from from his book Fearless(not a children's book).This is a story about a boy named Ollie who lived in the town of Stiltsville ,who wanted to be loved and feel he was special .Each evening at six , they handed out stilts. Which everyone wanted, to be in the "in crowd". Ollie was short and had patches on his pants . He really wanted to be given those stilts so he could fit in and feel good about himself. Finally one day his name was called and he got his chance at wearing the stilts . But, things did not turn out well for him and he fell off. Then,someone came and helped him , a person who loved him unconditionally . I think you can guess who that was. Jesus, the only one who really validates our worth.
I love this book and it's wonderful message for kids in this world where they are given so many messages about how to fit in and be accepted . Unconditional love is what they seek and that is how our Lord loves us. I read it to my grand kids and they loved it ;I recommend it.

Below is a video of Max Lucado telling about the book,

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  1. Very well written review Myrna. I like the story line.

  2. Hi Sweetness,
    What a wonderful thing to be.The book sounds great.I wish I could be a reviewer, that sounds like fun.But there is no way I can think of to do it.I can't remember things sometimes.But you can do it and thats just great.Thanks for stoping by and leaving such a sweet comment.My Daughter made my banner.She does a great job.I've already sold that tree Angel.I'm so happy about that.Now i don't have to use my hubbies money to buy him a Xmas gift...LOL.
    Hon, You have a blessed Thanksgiving day and God bless you.
    XXOO Marie Antionette

  3. This story is for us big girls too. It's been a very hard week for me, and I needed this gentle reminder that when we feel short and sometimes people run over us like a train, there's one who saves us, and one who loves us. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving from my heart to yours.

  4. GREAT book review! I really enjoyed it. :o)

  5. Great post. Happy Thanksgiving and may God bless you abundantly :)

  6. Max Lucado is my favorite author! I love everythinghe does. Thank you for this review. It was so nice to see you visiting our blog. You are so sweet to leave a comment. We had a very nice peaceful Thanksgiving and I hope you had one also. Have a wonderful weekend! Twyla


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