Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Two Fantastic Blog Parties on August 22

I am still planning to be part of Two Crazy Crafters Wizard of Oz Gala. FawnDeer is aslo having the Second Star to the Right party on that day. I will have the parties on different days and post them on my blog on Saturday August 22,2009.Please come and join in on the celebration of these two fantastic blog parties.


  1. Oh, more parties. Thanks for the info. I remember seeing the Oz party and lost the link. I am headed over to both for info.

    I am having trouble reading some of your type on the dark background. Maybe it is just my monitor. I will be back, because your place is a lot of fun.

  2. Hi, I use Internet Ex plorer as a browser, My daughter uses Mozilla Foxfire and she has trouble,I see a beige background on which I write, she only saw this on the header, the rest brown. I am looking out other layouts, I plan on changing.~Myrna


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