Wednesday, November 18, 2009


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Today I have a country drive on the way to my granddaughter's riding lesson . I have beautiful country side surrounding where I live . First we start out of my drive way onto the dirt road I live on.

Most of the pics are taken from driving by. Here is a horse grazing . There are a lot of horses around.
Here is a country Church complete with a graveyard.
Hay rolled & left to dry in a field.
We are not there yet, but here is a preview , this is Jasmine with Eeyore the horse she will ride today.
On the way we past a park flooded from the Nor'easter that passed through here last week.

We have turned off now on to the road of Steppin Heaven Farms, (click on name to visit website) the Horse Farm we are going to in Louisburg , NC( In the south , they are called Horse Farms & not Ranches I don't know why , I think it probably has to do with size )
Here are are some of the horses, there are goats & sheep also.( & cats )
We have made it , There is Jasmine on Eeyore with her riding instructor in the background.
I hope you enjoyed this Outdoor Wednesday. I loved having you along,
Be sure to come again .8~)

~Myrna Lee


  1. Thanks so much for sharing. I just wrote a blog you might be interested in. Take a peek!

  2. How beautiful! I love countrysides, these pictures are lovely!

  3. Thanks for the awesome tour! Felt like I was there! Blessings.

  4. Oh the pictures are so pretty, I love the one of the church! Sorry you had so much flooding. Great pictures of your sweet granddaughter and her riding lesson! Miss Bloomers/Sonia

  5. Thanks for the beautiful drive! Jasmine looks like she's very comfortable sitting a horse. I'm sure she really enjoys this! Loved all of your pictures, your drive is wonderful. Kathy

  6. What a lovely drive. Thanks for taking us along.

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  7. What a beautiful place. Your grand daughter reminds me of taking riding lessons when I was about 11! Only I was in the middle of a city.

  8. I love the autumn colors! I wish we had autumn here. I felt God's love when I saw such beautiful nature photos. Thanks for touching my heart today.

  9. I am always up for a ride in the country. You showed us some beautiful pictures.....that sure was some flood. Thanks for the ride and you can take me along anytime.

  10. Now that was a lot of fun. It was like I was taking a car trip with you. That's terrible about the storm that left the flood in it's wakes. As you've read, in my post from Gnomeland...were having terrible rain and wind. However, I remember, to dance in the puddles regardless or make mud pies!


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