Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pirate Loot from FawnDear

I got some great pirate loot from FawnDear.It was a blog party give-away I won . I know everyone remembers her funtastic Second Star to the Right Party just a few weeks ago. She inclued this sweet note 8-)

There were pirate play figures, A hook,arrrrrgh matey, & peter pan stickers

Everthing was wrapped so pretty with red pirate ribbon

5 beautuful nautical magnets

lots of ,shimer me timbers, pirate candy8-)

And to top it all off a beautiful handpainted pirate treasure box with the map of Neverland wood burned in the top.

Thank you so much FawnDear for the wonderful gift & being such an outstanding Hostess , You are a very talented lady!!!!!!


  1. i am green with envy - awesome loot :D

  2. So glad it arrived safely. Hope you and your darling grandkids have many fun adventures with it.

  3. Love the pirate booty! congrats! :)

  4. great stuff! I just saw that michaels has all pirate stuff on sale for 60% off. If your looking for even more pirate stuff, that is your place!

  5. Lucky you! Do you have a rabbits foot in your pocket? Cheers and goodwill for the winner of the pirate treasures.

  6. Thanks everyone for the sweet comments;-)


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