Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday

Welcome to OutDoor Wednesday hosted by A Southern Daydreamer, visit the other outdoor posts here and enjoy. Today more of my garden pics

starting here pics of Mr. McGregor's garden from the children's book, Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit

Scarecrow made from his coat & shoes

Another kitty, Tuna Bell

Writing spider

A school of fish

Has my floor grown eyes?I dropped these and when I looked down it made me laugh.


  1. Hahaha... love the googly eyed floor. :-)

    You have lovely garden ornaments; the trees with faces made me laugh. My older brother was once charged with painting a toy box for my sister and me, he took it outside to paint it, and got carried away -- he also painted my mother's garden boots, and he put Indian faces on two big oak trees -- faces on one side, headdresses on the other. My parents were not amused, but the rest of us kids were.

  2. Love the first photo of the trees, they are so beautiful with the sun coming through. I also got a kick out of the scarecrow. Happy OW!

  3. Adore the tree FACES!! Wonderful!!

    xx LOLA:)

    PS thanks for lovely comments!! xx

  4. love your garden, the spider is a little scary!!!

  5. my mom has that angel statue too!

    and i love trees with faces! so cute!

  6. Fun post, happy O.W.!
    Love the Tuna Bell shot!

  7. That floor is rare :-), but the tree is what really caught my attention. I hope you are enjoying these last few days of summer.

  8. What a delight~~!! the tree face YUM!

    On my walk this morning i ran across a lil lop eared Bunny -- I am hoping the shot turn out well enough to post it. Looking forward to something bright like your blog.

    Thanks for sharing.

    If you have a moment I would love you to stop by!

    TTFN~~Claudia ♥ ♥

  9. Hi there...have you checked my blog to see who the winner of the Maine's Forgotten Fairy was?
    Dancingly, denise

  10. Myrna...I am totally captivated and I must go and get my camera! This past weekend I was in Bothell Washington at a place called Country Village...I took a picture of Peter Rabbits jacket in a garden with little shoes just like yours! I'll have to post it strange is that? Perhaps meeting you was no mistake!!! Smile!


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