Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Visit to the Billy Graham Library

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I am very late posting this week. I was out of town Monday and the weekend .One of the places I visited  was the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte , NC. It is a very nice place . It is an  inspirational tour of Billy's life .I would recommend it to everyone ;Admission is free!

It also has on the grounds, the Homeplace of Rev. Graham

Pic of Billy Graham homeplace  from their website .I did not take one with a  full view  .

The Library is in the Barn, I Love the cross on the Barn!

Tour starts with Bessie the talking cow,she tells of Billy's early life on the farm .

Below are scenes from museum tour.

Replica of fireplace in Graham home.

Ruth Graham was born and raised in China,.her parents were Missionaries. When asked "Who was the greatest Christian he ever knew ?", Billy's answer was Ruth,My wife.

"The Cross", 32 foot mural painted by the late artist Thomas Kinkade. It is spectacular!

The bridge of crosses you enter through  to view the "The Cross" mural.

Bronze statue" The Sower & the Soils" by artist Tom White.

The Graham Brothers Dairy Bar was cool!


Next pics are of Ruth's resting place in the Prayer Garden.
The Chinese Character on Ruth's tombstone means Righteousness.

I love her epitaph! She saw it at the end of construction on a highway and thought it perfect for a epitaph .
As Christians , we are works in progress, but when we  finally join Jesus in Heaven , it will be the end of our Construction and He is very patience with us !

I will leave you with a quote from Billy  and a Bible verse.
"God proved His Love on the Cross. When Christ hung, and bled, and died, it was God saying to the World, "I Love You." "
"While being found in form of a man , He (Jesus) humbled himself , and became obedient unto death,even the death of the cross." Gal.2:8

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  1. Thank you for posting your tour.I enjoyed it.Have you read her poetry?If not,you would love it.She was one of My favorite people.Gee,I didn't even mention Billy.I like ready about Ruth,wonderful story was her life.

  2. Wow.. What a great post!! Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time, and if I ever get down that way, I'd love to check this out! I just recently picked up a book by Billy Graham, at a local church rummage sale, and confess I haven't read it yet, but hopefully I will sometime soon. I remember how much my grandparents loved Billy Graham!... Love all your photos! ~tina

  3. What a nice place to visit. My mama and daddy loved Billy Graham. I bought quite a few books of his in the past for my Daddy's birthdays. It looks as though it was a very pretty and peaceful place to visit. The mural by Thomas Kincaid was really beautiful, the colors were just stunning.

  4. What a wonderful visit you had. He and his family are much loved here in Western NC!

  5. the barn is beautiful as are the grounds

  6. What a great memorial of one of God's great apostles of our time. I love the cross on the barn. Billy Graham's crusades have influenced three generations of Christian Americans. I pray he must have some peaceful years at the end of his life.
    Getting too old is never easy for anybody.
    I hope his unselfish a direct spirit will live on in new ministers for new generations to come.
    Your pictures were as always wonderful.

  7. Hi there, I didn't know there was a Billy Graham Library, how beautiful it is! I would love to visit there, and I too like the barn with the cross. I know you had a wonderful time there.

  8. Thank you so much for this lovely tour. I have never been there but your pictures made me feel like I was there.

  9. Oh that looks like a beautiful spot and an interesting place to visit. Thank you for sharing the pictures. :)

  10. What an extra special journey/tour you've shared with us. If ever I am in NC I will make a special effort to see this in person. My favorites are the barn and glass/window cross entry. And the tombstone epitaph. Wonderful === thank you for posting all this incredible, beautiful pathway of Billy's life.

  11. Oh my what a glorious looking barn. I would go take this tour in person, your pictures are so beautiful. Everything about the place is wonderful, the grounds included. The epitath is so unique what a great way to explain our time on earth as Chistians. The picture by Thomas Kincaid is awesome.

  12. Lovely, Myrna, just lovely.
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  13. Thank you for this wonderful tour! Now, I must go visit in person!

    Tiny Red Plants

  14. Oh, Myrna, this is such a wonderful post! I have never been there, and it looks like such an inspiring place to visit. I always loved Billy Graham's ministries. He did so much good. I too adore that barn! And the epitapth on Ruth's grave is perfect! I love it!

  15. so many beautiful RED to choose from, love them all :-) so pretty indeed! Dropping by from last weeks RT2


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