Monday, May 7, 2012

Road trip to South Carolina

Hello Blogging Friends,
I hope you are having a good day and if  not I hope it gets better. Today I have some pics of a recent road trip to South Carolina .
I found this cool postcard image on Google search, it gives some insight to what you can find traveling around SC.Our final destination was Greenville,which is in the Smoky Mountain Foothills.

I love to take roadside pics, this giant peach was alerting us that we were in Peach Country.It was a little too early in the season for the harvest or we would have stopped.

 Next I have some Haywood Mall Pics , I just snapped anything I found interesting . I liked these kitty & doggie planters.

In Claire's, I thought these Cherry Headbands were cool.

I spotted this fun trackless train.I love trains ! The engineer was nice enough to wave .

Beautiful Pink Heel , beautiful to look at ,not to wear.

A very fancy Faux Cake .

A happy Spring Cookie.

Two beautiful blooms from a friend's yard.

More blooms from a Wal-Mart stop.

Images from one of our favorite restaurants,Cracker Barrel.

  We visited Greenville's famous, in the heart of downtown, Falls Park on the Reedy.  Across the street from the park ,was a small park, dedicated to Dr. Charles Townes, with a few park benches . His revelation about lasers came to him while He was thinking on a Park bench. The benches were to give others an opportunity to have a revelation too.

 I spotted this little Zebra Striped car as I crossed the street.

Park Entrance sign,( this pic was taken by my granddaughter).

 Falls Lake Falls Sculpture by Artist Bryan Hunt.

Fountain water is dyed blue.

Beautiful Falls on the Reedy River.

The Liberty Bridge


Another Falls View

Sign Entering North Carolina

I snapped this at NC Welcome Center, but I don't what it is ,I think it's a cool bush.

A wonderful roadside sign.

I will leave you with this Bible Verse :
"Let not your hearts be troubled , You trust in God ,Trust in me also." John 14: 1

Reminded me of this song by Third Day.

 Amen, I trust in Jesus!

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Love & Prayers,

For more info on the Falls Park,visit Here.


  1. What fun for you.I enjoyed your tour you took us on.Thanks for coming by My blog to say hello :)Blessings to you.

  2. i agree with you the shoes look to pretty to put them on the floor :) gorgeous photos as always.
    btw i needed to switch my blog because my other one didt let me post so hopefully you can follow my new one i will do the same :D


  3. You are overwhelming when you are traveling round and about.
    Ordinary things become spectacular through your lens and the spectacular could fill a book.
    I love going with you. You sure aren't just traveling through, you are vacuuming places for interesting stuff of all-sorts.

  4. I loved those pink shoes! Beautiful photos!
    P.S. I am now a follower of your blog.

  5. How interesting a glimpse of your environment. Thank you very much.

    daily athens photo

  6. Hope and Pray you enjoyed your trip to Our Beautiful State! The pictures are gorgeous! I'm in Columbia!

    Happy Travels,


  7. What a fun map! I also loved the dog and cat planters. So cute! All of your scenery pictures are very lovely! Thanks for letting me tag along! I had fun!

  8. Captured beautifully!

    Come and see my Rosary beads, your comment would mean a lot~!

  9. I love map postcards. So much fun. You took us on a fun tour. Love all the great color. I think the Owl and the Zebra car were my favorites.

  10. Hope that the Dr. knows what impact his discovery had!!

  11. Great pics. I have pictures of the beach to share this week.

  12. Beautiful flowers, and adorable kitty doggy planters. You always have such beautiful pictures and really interesting ones too.
    We have a trackless train in our mall too. Grandsons always talk me into letting them take a ride on it.


  13. I love all your colorful photos, Myrna. Sounds like you had a nice time. There is a lot to see there! :)

  14. You certainly have a good eye for finding interesting things. I've never seen a blue water fountain! Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Myrna.

  15. A very colorful world was captured in your photos. Ira looks like a great trip. Have a great week.

  16. Wow, I love all of your photos. It looks like you all had such a great time!!


  17. Wonderful pics!

    Late visit for MYM. I played too. Mine are here and here.

  18. What a colourful post! It was fun to see what items caught your eye at the mall. I especially loved the Falls, and the idea of having a "thinking" bench with that great sculpture of Dr. Charles Townes.

  19. Beautiful pics! Thanks for taking us on a tour. :)

    My entries:
    Moms...Check Nyo

  20. Great variety of photos from S. C. I have been to that area but it was before digital camera time so I don't have many pictures.

  21. One of my son's lived in Greenville for a short time. I enjoyed the area with the falls.

  22. Looks like you guys had lots of fun and got some really great pictures!
    When I was in the grocery store last night a lady asked me, "Do you trust in Jesus?"
    "Yes ma'am I do!" I answered.

  23. I love those quirky animals with plants growing out of their backs!

    Shriveled Red Cactus Fruit

  24. Myrna, Looks like a fun trip. I love all your happy photos and the outdoor nature ones are beautiful. Glad you had fun!

  25. Thanks everyone , I was told some are having trouble commenting. Must be Blogger trouble.

  26. Wow! I had fun watching on those pics.. very nice! =_) visiting from 366 BPC

  27. Love the peach at Gaffney! :-) Looks like you had a wonderful trip. The photos were so great. You came across some very interesting things. I love the tribute to Dr. Townes. And that flower reminds me of wisteria, but is different too. Very beautiful!

  28. Oh I just loved reading this post! I am originally from South Carolina and it is still one of my favorite places on earth. I so enjoyed looking at all the photos and reading your descriptions of them.

    I'm a new follower of your blog and am looking forward to reading future posts. Please come by and visit my place when you get the chance....I'd love to have you. Oh and by the way, John 14:1, a favorite verse of mine but one I had not thought about in a while, was exactly what I needed today. Thank you for including it!

    Elaine :)

  29. What a wonderful, beautiful display of colors, beauty and culture!!! I think I could live here and be quite happy. Astounding images of everyday life in the pristine city. Loved your shares Myrna.

  30. beautiful photos, i'm impressed of your divine mercy picture on the side of the road and those cat and dog planters are so cute :) a late visit here from blue monday.


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