Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday

Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday hosted by A Southern Daydreamer,go here for list of other participants and enjoy!Welcome to the North Carolina Coast. These are some pictures I took when I was there in June 2009.

My granddaughter ,location Atlantic Beach,NC

Daughter & Granddaughter

Photos starting here were taken at Shackelford Island off coast of Beaufort, NC

Last two pics back at Atlantic Beach, NC

Flip flop that washed up with barnacles

I took this picture by holding camera toward sun and taking picture, I did not look into the sun!

Thanks for stopping by, Please come again and Have a Blessed Day. 8-)


  1. i'm so jealous! i haven't been to the beach in years!

  2. What lovely memories you captured with your camera. I'll wager everyone had a fantastic day.
    I hope you have a great week ahead.

  3. I could step right into your beautiful beach photos:) Thanks for sharing.

  4. Beautiful shots of my neighborhood beach. Hopefully we will only get brushed by "Danny".

  5. This post is so enchaning and refreshing.

    If you have a moment join me and come by--- would appreciate your stopping.

    TTFN~~Claudia ♥ ♥

  6. What stunning pics - wonderful! You're so talented!

    PS thanks for stopping by. Left comment for you at end of Swimsuit post & so glad you enjoyed Nora the cat one too! xx

  7. The flipflop made me giggle!!! And the picture of your dd and gd holding hands is like a Victorian Painting!

    Thank you for you lovely comment too - I have had a few people ask me recently about my BETSY dolls (I only made them for my daughters) - maybe I should practice and make some more? It's finding the faces though!

    Take care

  8. Magical flip flop finds. It's amazing what the ocean produces...that flip flop just makes me smile.
    My daughter just returned from North/South Carolina and loved the white sand and the beauty of it. I love your daughter and granddaughter in white...beautiful photo shoot!

  9. Hi Myrna,
    Thank you for stopping by my new blog, Spirit Song. I love your beach photos. I am a lover of beaches too, as you know.
    I wanted you to know that I prayed for you this morning and I will continue to pray for you. I don't normally ask this of people, but it would be helpful if you became a Follower on my blog, Spirit Song, and then I would be reminded to pray for you on a daily basis. Have a wonderful day, my friend.



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